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Marketing / Financial
Software / IT
Law / Certificates
Arts / Entertainment
Non-fiction books




Additional services

Language instruction
Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Web Design
Project Management
Conferences/Trade Fairs


Company profile

French > Italian
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Interpreting (simult.)
  - Proofreading
  - Voiceover
  - Copywriting

Since I was a little child I have had a dream, a fixed dream that I pursued over the years: become a translator and a traveler. Luckily my dreams have been realized and they did not remain a written paragraph in the diary of my everyday life; I have managed to build my enterprise from nothing, from zero euros, but each time all my collaborators and me successfully manage to do a good translation, without much money, because I believe that money is the last part of your job and if you tries to put an end your job mission money come automatically, it seems to me to having touched the Heaven. Maybe this resume should be a little bizarre, but I am tired to post the old, annoying resume. I am like that; always with a greater smile, especially when someone tells me that I am a good interpreter and translator. I think that there are few jobs that should give all the satisfactions that my job gives to me everyday and telling you that I have felt in love for my translation job seems like telling you that any mother take care of her children. My translation agency has been standing on the market since 2008, and we are 500 among interpreters and translators all over the world that keep on doing this job. I have been started without nothing; I live in a very poor country in the south of Italy, where a real job is a unreal chimera. If you choose NewtranslationServices you choose to follow a dream like me: helping youngsters to believe that one day in life there should be someone who trust on you. i think that there would be a better presentation than this and wishing that my effort to improve my agency will be transformed into a concrete realization of all the interpreters and translators who believe that realizing a dream is always possible. Just do it!

Pricing / Other services

We deal with all kind of translation and interpreting, in all background; particularly, we translate all kinds of documents in any extension the customer requires; we are graphics to and we respect the source text as far as the willing and the creativity of its author. We translate from 0,2 up to 0,10 cents por word in our local currency euro. For interpreting we have been working from 20,00€ to 50,00€ /h. We deal with: transcription, plotting, text reviews, internet web sites translation, e- commerce, technical translation, subtitles, resumes, covering letters, sworn translations, legal translations, medical translations, contracts, manuals, information, all kinds of certifications, licence, radio-television interpreting, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, cabin interpreting, hostess/steward service, and we are at your disposal 24/24.


sworn translation;editing translation;

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