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Christine HOUDY
English > French (France) Translator

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Email :

Cell Phone Nr: ++(33) 6 16 87 86 28

EXPERT TRANSLATOR (Writer, Proofreader in French, Editor)


Fluency in Source Language and in Target Language

Translation volume : 2000 words per day

French to English: I am a skilled Translator in commercial correspondences and in business letters only.

Summary of Achievements:

> One year experience spent in a Travel Agency specialized in bookings of high standing hotels for English speaking VIPs in Paris.

> Five year experience in translating/interpreting and writing/editing for a British Airline Company.

. Significant work in English. In charge of left luggage investigation, the interco mailings and of the cargo AWB (AirWay Bills) Assistant to the Marketing Manager.

> Four year experience in interpreting in a De Luxe Pet Shop and part-time Veterinary Assistant near Palace Hotels in Paris.

> Twenty year experience in translating and writing/editing for an American Pharmaceutical Laboratory Plant in France.
. Methods of tests, protocols, Controls In Process, for the Departments of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Analytic, Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Production ; 4 years spent in R&D and Production Dept. of Intra-Ocular Lenses.
. User Guide of a polishing device dedicated to the intraocular lenses.
. User guide of a software for clinical studies to perform the randomization lists of patients/treatments and labels.
. FDA reports, Patents.

Freelance Expert Translator from English into French and proofreader/Editor in French language from 2002. French to English translation of Businessl/Administrative correspondences.


. Medical questionaires for nurses to record patient pains after a surgical operation
. Medical questionnaires for nurses to record patient annoyance occurrencies after a broken tibia, hips or arms.
. Monthly proofreading by phone from a Company in the USA about different Clinical Studies. French vocabulary and terminology.
. Calculation of OB (obstetrical software) to supervise the pregnancy progress
. Medical process to reduce the risks in patients with osteroporosis.
. Table of a side effects of patients taking a treatment with SDS.
.Clinical study about Diabetes of type 1 versus Diabetes of type 2 - 67 Power Point slides - Comments from the announcer on them.
. “French Page of Content Translators” Web Site.
. User Guide of a Brand new MP3 player.
. French page of a Web Site on a UK Market Leader in E-learning.
. Chinese Translation Agency Web Site proofreading from English into French.
. Training courses for drying machines for new vendors in electric appliances: Washing and drying machines.
. Cases of conduction of By-Election in a US State, Article 94.
. Complete documentation from an Office of Tourism of important towns in France, Barcelona in Spain and of the main towns in the Netherlands.
. R&D environmental Study to find a way for fuel spilling recovery in the sea.
. Dialogues in a novel.
. Disc Filter Centerdisc Maintenance Manual.
. Fact sheets about an International Art & Antiques Fair at Chicago, Illinois.
. 2007 Rugby Trophy newsletter and complete documentation about all the 2007 World Cup of Rugby.
. Crohn’s disease study (Proofreading in French)
. Logistis terms and acronyms.
. Wire Mesh outsourcer French Web Site.
. Outsourcer Environmental Equipment to recover oil in several areas. Website.Page in French
. New Chinese Puzzle Game (Player Guide)
. Fighting Video Game against planes (Player Guide)
. French Web Page of a Translation Agency
. Letter from a Lawyer to an arrested client
. Self-Auditing report and check lists in an American Resort before a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Inspection.
. Bid for an Electricity / Phone installation in a huge American Manufacturing Plant
. Proofreading of a French Oesteroposis Medical document for clinical studies
. Video Game Tetris-like.
. Photograph software Web Site.
. User Guide and tips of an online Game.
. Chinese Shampoo Advertisement
. High performance Scanner
. Digital camera
. Steam Cleaner (Instructions and User Guide)
. Coco Channel history (proofreading)
. Petit Mouton de Rotschild (oenology report)
. Full organization of an International Fair of Wines in Asia
. Slides about the construction/installation/organization of a new hypermarket
. User Guide and instructions to assemble a lamp
. Instructions and maintenance of an electrical brush (part of an environmental machine to recover oils in different areas: water, ground, sand…)
. User guide of a breaker.
. List, descriptions, keywords of games and shortcuts to play (More than one thousand online games) Translation of the WebSite text.
. Articles about an organization for teaching blind children Braille in Tibetan language. History of a blind German woman who managed the first Center for Blind Children in Tibet.
. Birth Certificate
. Lots of Power Point slides in miscellaneous subjects.
. Turkish recipees.
. Surveys of consumers of mushrooms, buyers of flowers, etc.
. Large project about Resorts proposing Golf (Description of all facilities, Spa (description of bodycares and massages), description of rooms and villas, restaurants, bars, etc.
. Large project: Videogame review. More than thousand of games.
. Container under pressure (Description)
. Radio for cars (Technical description)
. London Show Investment (Special offer on bungalows with gardens in Indonesia) Translation of accomodations and of the reservation agreement.
. GPS System .
. Financial Report
. Business/Marketing Website text of a huge Company
. Instuctions of a new boardgame
. Private letter
. Arab Emirate Center of Business (Ads)
. Medical/Pharmacology/Clinical assay/Pharmacokinetic: Power Point presentation on Leukemia (around 150 slides)
. Wedding Certificate
. Body care products instructions
. English to French translation for French student to learn Chinese writing.
. CD player on computer: translation of guidelines. Meaning in French of buttons for users.
. English to French translation of china writing.
. China make up creams, lotions, gels, oils of massage descriptions and instructions for French Market.
. Translation of Medical Tape for French Market.
. Survey for consumer about orchid purchase
. Proofreading of a book on Influenza
. Translation of an Antivirus software user guide
. Description of creams, lotions for men face
. Security Breach Settlement
. Game boards
. Letter to customers
. Games for well known Brand
. Manufacturing steps of gelules in a Pharma Lab.
. Labels of cosmetic products for a well known Brand
. Security, description, SOPs of a potash site in the South of Africa
. Report of Audit made in a Firm
. Instruction in packaging/labeling of products (Process)
. Proofreading of a legal document
. Proofreading of a training session of Sales Representatives in Pharmacy
. Business Website
. Cosmetic products
. Articles about Base 51, USA, Ufology
. Italian recipee
. Tyre calendar history, proofreading/editing
. Medical translation (Bacteria infection during a marrow transplantation)
. Medical clinical study report to subjects who participated to it
. Financial Statements of a well known Group
. Online Game
; Anchor for motor ship Ads
. Codes of behaviour/ethics of a Corporate.
. Study about Malaria
. Clinical Study to get rid of odor and taste of swine meat
. Main Telecommunication Provider study for its future French Market
. Main Telecommunication Provider process to avoid frauds on tax payment
. Clinical study on Dyspenea
- Operational Manual
- CVs
- Cosmetics
- Assessment instructions
- Rent car leaflets
- Leaflet and Advertisement about a well-know Airline Company (30 pages)
- Localisation of a software
- Hold'Em Poker rules step-by-step
- Chemicals, Biologicals Weapon EU Legal Organization – Slides on Power Point (Over 800.000 source words)
- Infant care catalogue
- Exchange Cobalt Chromium Stent System Information for Prescribers
- Electric Heaters (large translation)
- Flu A and/or B Pharmaceutical study
- E-Colors Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) and hazards in firms
- Estate - Unclaimed Assets Due You and letter of authorization to act on behalf of hiers
- Translation of a report pertaining to an earthquake
- Cosmetic translation
- Large translation of a review about Types 1 and Mellitus Diabetes
- Fitness machine advertisement
- Large e-learning project from English to French dedicated to students
- Large technical project: Hose and flange data and translation of information in drawings in PDF

Professional Background:

- Travel Agency (1973-1973)
- British Airline Company (1973-1977)
- English speaking vendor in a "de luxe" pet shop and part-time Assistant to a Veterinary (1977-1983)
- American Pharmaceutical Laboratory (1983-2002)


- The French Baccalauréat in French literature with honors in English to French
- The BTS (Vocational training degree with an emphasis in English and business writing in English) - Proficient Secretary/Assistant/Typist (60-70 wpm) Degree
- Proficiency Certificate awarded by University of Cambridge ESOL
- Lower Certificate awarded by University of Cambridge ESOL
- Intermediate Certificate in English from The Studio School of Cambridge
- “CELE” Certificate (Equivalent to TOEFL) from the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry for EEC countries
- British Tourist Authority Certificate
- British Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate
- Certificate of English Business correspondences from the Studio School of English, Cambridge (UK)
- Certificate in American Language of Business passed within the American Pharmaceutical Lab I worked for) – Weekly courses during one year from “The Language of Affairs Translation Company” to take this Certificate.
- Self training (Online English courses/Tests)

More than two year study at Cambridge and several years at Swindon, England.


-Cambridge University Center of examinations
-"Language of Affairs" Agency (Courses of American commercial correspondences)
-British Chamber of Commerce
-British Tourist Authority
-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Member)
-... (Member)
-TRADUGuide (Free Member)
-Translations STANBURY: Jane BROWN;
-Translations POLILINGUA; Marina NEDEALCOV;

CAT Tools: memoQ and Trados.


Should you have texts to be edited /Translated in other fields than those I provided in my resume, please feel free to submit them to me for an honest quote. If the topic is not too technical, the job should be easy to perform with the same consistent linguistic quality you are looking for.

- I'm offering French European editing and proofreading services to clients who want to publish documents in an accurate French.

- Member of non-profit associations: environmental, hiking.
- Translations of Newspaper articles from English into French for friends.
- Translation of English texts of songs into French.
- Interpreter for English speaking tourists visiting the South of French Corsica Island.

Hobby: Exhibiton of paintings, sculptures, art in general, reading, swimming


   Pricing / Other services


Should you have texts to be edited /Translated in other fields than those I provided in my profile, please feel free to submit them to me for an honest quote. If the topic is not too technical, the job should be easy to perform with the same consistent linguistic quality you are looking for.

- I'm offering French European editing and proofreading services to clients who want to publish documents in an accurate French.
Despite the fact that I do not own Trados, I can easily perform an editing job with a Trados'ed text without breaking the codes. I also have Acrobate Writer for proofreading tasks.

Rate: 0.06 euros to 0.10 euros depending on the subject, term of delivery...


   Certification / Accreditation


English > English

I certified by the University in English of Cambridge (ESOL), UK; by the British Chamber of Commerce & Industry
The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry: CELE Certificate in English.

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