What do I get when I answer a question?

First of all, you'll help your colleague. If you answer a question and your answer will be rated best by the asker you will be awarded Conges points.

Conges points determine your position in the TRADUguide directory. The more Conges points you have the better your position will be. Plus, your Conges points appear on your profile showing your experience in your special fields and language combinations.


  • Win up to 3 Conges points for answers on easy/medium questions.

  • Win up to 4 Conges points for answers on difficult/demanding questions.

  • Your Conges points will be active for 12 months.

How are my Conges points counted?

  • Everytime you are awarded Conges points they are added to your monthly account.

  • The TRADUguide directory shows all your Conges points of the last 12 months.

  • Your profile lists your Conges according to language pair and special field.

  • Why are Conges points active for 12 months only?

  • This ensures that only active TRADUguide members appear on top of the directory.

  • This also gives new members a chance to reach a top position.

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