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Carol Macomber

The French Connection

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United States

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Marketing / Financial
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Company profile

French > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading
  - Copywriting

In the course of 30+ years of operating my international French-into-English translation business, my clients have included La Fondation pour l'innovation politique, France Europe, Hachette Livre, Les Belles Lettres, Oxford University Press and Yale University Press, Reporters sans frontières, and dozens of translation agencies in three countries. Five of my translated books have been published, and hundreds of my translated articles posted. My core competencies are literary fiction and non-fiction, as well as business-related texts (finance, gastronomy, geopolitics, insurance, and legal contracts).

For 12 years, I was a full-time salaried employee working for both French and American companies while residing in Paris and Brussels. That experience, and my visits to France since then, have given me special insight into French business practices, as well as a genuine appreciation of the French people and their culture, which I believe are reflected in the quality of my translations.

I named my business "The French Connection," because despite choosing to live in the United States, I wanted to provide services that would act as a linguistic bridge between France and my native country. Discover the advantage of using a translator whose phraseology is not based on computer-aided translation memory tools and their homogenized terminology, or post-graduate degrees, but on in-depth experience in a wide variety of work in the real world.

Carol C. Macomber
The French Connection

Pricing / Other services

My price schedule is as follows:

European clients: ten (10) centimes per word
U.S. clients: twelve cents (US$0.12) per word

Editing/Writing/Copywriting, etc.: EUR 25 or US$ 30 per hour.

Although my main business expertise is freelance French (to English) translation, I have translated four books for clients or foreign authors:

1) Orphan Clouds (translation of Nuages Orphelins, a book by Christian Weiss) - 2003
2) The Little Monk (based on works by Madeleine Delbrêl) - The Crossroad Publishing Co., NYC, 2005
3) Existentialism is a humanism (translation of Existentialisme est un humanisme by Jean-Paul Sartre) - Yale University Press, 2007
4) Young People Facing the Future: An International Survey (translated for Fondation pour l'innovation politique of an international survey conducted by Kairos Future) - 2008.


  Certification / Accreditation


French > English

Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Paris (1991).
Mention: "Tres bien"


French, translation, editing, copyeditor, novel, writer, ghostwriting.

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