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Free–lance interpreter/translator for the World Bank Resident Mission in Yerevan, International Monetary Fund, European Commission, Council of Europe, OSCE, British Council, USAID and etc. interpreting in official meetings with the Republic of Armenia President, Prime Minister, Minister of Finance and Economy, Ministers of Interior, Foreign Affairs, Social Security and Employment, Education and Science, Health, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs, Transport and Communications, Local Self-Government, Justice, Energy, Agriculture, Trade and Economic Activity and the Government of Armenia Administration, Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, Chairman of the Central Bank, Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) and other State Officials of Armenia.
Working for the Organization of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) as a translator and interpreter for the OSCE Police Supervision Mission from Austria with the Minister of Interior, the Police Headquarters of Armenia, Yerevan Police Department, Police Training Centre, also as a coordinator of the Mission activities.
Working for the European Commission as an interpreter during the “ON”-Austrian Institute of Standardization and Certification Missions in the workshops held for the Yerevan Institute of Standards under the Ministry of Trade and Economic Activity.
Working with the Ministry of Agriculture of RoA, as a translator/interpreter of the strategy papers and the FAO Headquarters (Rome) mission for the FAO Project Implementation Unit on the Development of the Sustainable Agricultural Strategy for Armenia.
Working with National Democratic Institute (Washington D.C.-based), providing interpretation and translation for the International Observers in the study of the Local Government, Presidential and Parliamentary electoral processes in Armenia, Post- and Pre-assessment electoral missions. The scope of work covered the political parties, the National Assembly and the Government of Armenia.
Office Manager at KPMG Consulting Inc.(Bearing Point, later) at the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia, Interpreter/translator for the U.S Adviser to the Central Bank Chairman.
Free-lance consecutive and simultaneous translations and interpretations for the World Bank Resident Mission, the World Bank Projects, IFC, IMF, Eurasia Foundation, UNHCR, UNDP, USAID. Simultaneous interpretation during the bilateral and tripartite Agreement Signing Discussions between the Armenia and other Foreign States, Press Conferences and International and National Assemblies.
Translator/Interpreter, USAID/Chemonics International Inc., Rule of Law and Commercial Law Project, Yerevan.
Main duties: Translation of the laws and other legal documentation and interpretation services for the Project/USAID in the relative Governmental Agencies, Working as an interpreter for the Chief of Party of the Rule of Law Project during the meetings with the Minister of Justice, Court Administrations, Justice Council, Court Training Centre and the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia.

Translator/Interpreter, USAID/PriceWaterHouseCoopers Capital Market Development Project, Yerevan,doing translation of legal documentation, Government and parliamentary decrees, laws, and other legislative acts; interpretation for expatriate experts and local capital market participants during meetings, conferences and training courses for the Commission of the Securities Market of the Republic of Armenia.
Translator/Interpreter for the Environmental Assessment Mission of the World Bank funded Irrigation Rehabilitation Project in Armenia, also coordination of on-going activities between the ECODIT (France based) expatriate and local expert groups, engaged in the preparation activities of the EA IRP Final Report under ECODIT.

Translator/project assistant at Agricultural Reform Support Project Preparation and Implementation Units funded by the World Bank under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia as a translation of official documents and business-plans, an interpreter for the World Bank missions in the Government, primarily Minister of Agriculture.

Interpreter/translator, “TACIS” funded PLS Consult Inc. Project in Social Security Reforms, Ministry of Social Security and Welfare of the Republic of Armenia.


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I provide translation services of any document and technical texts in the aforementioned areas, at the rate of US$10 per page, depending on the number of pages with discounted arrangements, with high and professional quality and pace, working 24 round-the-clock. I also provide interpretation services, simultaneous and consequitive, conferences, and mettings. The rate for the oral interpretation is US$20 per hour, US$ 50 half a day, US$100 a full day.


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Armenian > English

Yerevan State University, Armenia
Translator/Interpreter's certificate

English > Armenian

Yerevan State University, Armenia

Russian > English

Yerevan State University, Armenia

English > Russian

Yerevan State University, Armenia

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