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English > Spanish
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

English > Italian
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Italian > Spanish
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Italian > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Spanish > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

I have translated on my own for a while, but jobs aren't that frequent so I'm looking for another way to find some work on the side while I'm studying. I have taken translation courses.

I am less of an expert in Italian than I am in Spanish. Those translations may take longer, but will be cheaper.
I am completely fluent in Spanish, having lived in Spain for over a year and I'm married to an Argentinian who speaks little english. I am completely fluent in spanish.


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I want to charge less than the others. If you find a cheaper person, let me know and I'll beat it. I will do your translations within 2 days (although i'll try for one... it depends on how many i have going on at once).

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