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Sandra Uselli

Native Italian Translator with 3+ years of experience



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Hello there,

My name is Sandra Uselli, I am a native Italian speaker with 3+ years of translating experience.

I am specialised in legal translations, website content, immigration and asylum, marketing and translations for nonprofits. Here are the projects carried out so far:

1. Legal traslations:
• affidavits;
• depositions;
• a deed of disinheritance;
• a General Power of Attorney;
• official documentation issued by the Town Hall such as Identity Documents;
• official documentation issued by Immigration Offices such as police reports and certifications and resident permits;
• official documentation in support of international protection holders and lodged in Court;
• legal agreements such as the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Italy and Libya on February 2nd 2017;
• law decrees such as the Minniti-Orlando decree on urgent provisions to speed up the international protection procedures and measures against illegal immigration;
• simplified concepts to understand the legal language [such as for example the Zampa law on foreign unaccompanied minors (UAMs)].

2. Website content:
• Articles
• Press releases
• Transcriptions used as subtitles into documentaries
• Biographies of staff

3. Immigration and Asylum:
• FAQs
• Reports
• Dictionaries
• Social media posts
• Legal agreements
• Informational documents
• Abstracts from daily newspapers
• Simplified concepts to understand the legal texts of Laws and Law Decrees

4. Marketing:
• Executive Summary of a Marketing plan
• E-mail Marketing (Trading)

5. Translations for nonprofits:
• Annual reports
• Letters
• Articles
• Press Releases
• Transcriptions used as subtitles into documentaries
• Biographies of staff

I am also available to translate other documents not mentioned above including those related to other sectors as I believe that most of the times it’s not matter of having experience in a certain type of industry. It’s about committing to deliver a quality work.

I can create a natural sounding translation that reads well in the target language while reflecting the core message and tone of the source.

I have a BA in Social Sciences for Development and Cooperation to Peace and a MA in Governance and the Global System (International Relations).

I guarantee accurate work, professional attitude, confidentiality and deadline commitment.

Working availability: all week (including on weekends and public holidays)
Open to evaluate all offers. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Looking forward to work with you should my profile correspond with your expectations.

Kind regards,
Sandra Uselli


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