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Financial Analyst, Sigma Capital (October 2004 – Present): Assist in the daily review of media sources for the creation of website content on a dialy basis,
Providing a monthly review on Egyptian and international markets, highlighting market characteristics and events, and analyzing the effect of political and economic changes on market performance for Business Today magazine,
Follow up on the news and market activity in the Middle East as part of the coverage on the region’s markets,
Conducted fundamental analysis on listed companies which the company recommends to clients.

Research and Publications Associate, General Dynamics, ICT Program (October 2003-January 2004): Produced a daily newsletter covering information technology news in Egypt and the Arab world,
Coordinated with different departments to collect information on their progress for the purpose of compiling periodical updates on the project; I also managed, edited and updated the project’s website.

Content Manager,, (December 2001-October 2003):
Responsible for the website’s content development. Tasks included: editing and fact-checking economic/financial analyses on stock market and developing content-sharing relationships with other financial sites. Oversaw the layout and production of a newsletter distributed through a mailing list to company clients, as well as the revamp of the company portal, enhancing its user friendly features.

Various consultancy projects, 2001- Present
Writing press releases and providing translations for the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) on a freelance basis,
Carrying out field visits and economic/financial analyses for the Siwa Environmental Amelioration Project (SEAP) under the auspices of Italian Cooperation,
Creating and translating brochure for Canadian International Development Agency,
Writing monthly reviews on the Egyptian stock market’s performance for the American Chamber of Commerce’s Business Monthly, which included a reviews of market events and an indepth analysis of the effect of local and international changes on Egypt’s economic performance.


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editing LE0.50 per word
translating LE0.70 perword
(curency: Egyptian Pounds)
I also provide extra research where necessary to produce quality translation

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