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I am a published translator of Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese into English. Over a period of three years, I translated seven books from Spanish and French which are classics of world literature and psychoanalytic case histories or biographies. My translation, French to English, "Clandestine Operations: The Arms and Techniques of the Resistance, 1941-1944," was published by Macmillan in 1983 and is in 279 libraries worldwide. In 2006 I was on a team that translated a book by Puerto Rican psychiatrist Guillermo González. Our translation, which deals with Colonized Personality Disorder, has been published by Xlibris and is titled "The Governor's Suits." During 2007, I translated several journal articles, from French, on the political, economic, historical, and philosophical aspects of the European Union for a well-known Belgian university, as well as several articles on adolescent suicidal ideation, also from French, for the same university. Also during 2007, I translated the greater part of a French-language book by Virginie Sommet, a sculptor and writer from Normandy who describes her impressions of New York City, where she now lives and works. That translation has been published under the name "Only in New York, Darling!" Another 2007 project was the initial French to English translation of Jean-François Viot's play "Liberty." A translation I did early in 2008, titled "In the Footsteps of Charlemagne, In the Land of the Black Orchids," was originally written in French by Elisabeth Moreau d'Andoy. My French to English translation, "Canaletto," about the famous 18th century Venetian painter, was published in 2008 by Parkstone International and can be found in several public and university libraries, including the University of Cincinnatti's Art and Design Library. During 2010 and 2011, I translated a series of Spanish-language articles on the history and culture of Cuba into English. Those translations will be included in a book. Also in 2011, I translated various articles, from French to English, on the City of Chartres, France, for a website. During 2011 and 2012, I produced English-language translations of Laure Marcillac's romance novel, "Un Amour de Charlotte," and Marie Lerouge's "L'heretière comblée" for Editions-Amorosa.

During 2011 and 2012, I translated psychologist Francesco Alberoni's work, "Valori," from Italian into English, and Paolo Coehlo's book, "Veronika Decide Morrer," from Portuguese into English, both of which were personal projects.

I am currently translating another of Alberoni's books, which is titled "Racconti d'amore."

Also in 2012, I completed the translation, Spanish to English, of Elvio René,'s book,"Los Huesos de la Noche." My translation has been published by WestBow Press.

At the end of 2012, I completed my Portuguese to English translation of author Isabel Craveiro's book, "A Grande Ogiva."

My 2013 French to English translation of author Jean Godde's book, titled "Manipulation of States", is available on

During 2014, I completed the translation, from the 886-page Italian book, "Un Americano di Roma" (An American in Rome), which is the autobiography of journalist George Page, who worked at Benito Mussolini's Ministry of Popular Culture during World War II.

Also in 2014, my translation, from French, of Mireille Gauzère's novel, "Quai Branly", was published by Amazon, under the title, "One-way Mirror".

I undertook, also in 2014, one of my favorite literary translations of all time, that I created from Spanish, which ended up being titled "The House of Good Intentions". The original author is the critically acclaimed writer, Pablo Solares Acebal.

Then, near the end of 2014, I produced the translation, from Spanish, which I titled "The Life They Keep from Us", for author Patricio del Caso.

During the last six months of 2011, I was on call, 7 days a week, to translate Italian-language press releases into English for one of Italy's leading newspapers.

I have worked as a Spanish translator for two local newspapers, El Latino Expreso and The Senior Years. My first job as a translator was translating the French-Canadian newspaper of Sept-Îles, Quebec, "L'avenir", on a daily basis for about a year.

I also translate non-technical medical materials and do general legal translations, most notably court documents, divorce decrees, contracts, marriage certificates, and birth certificates, as well as travel and tourism texts for various translation agencies and private individuals.

I used to read history journal articles written in Spanish, French and Italian and wrote English-language abstracts, based on the same, for a California organization.

I have also worked as a ghostwriter of original English-language articles and essays in the field of human relations and psychology. Have also written creative English-language fiction for clients.

In addition, I have written book reviews/critiques of fiction and non-fiction books for a Chicago publisher and a couple of book review services.

I have a private tutoring practice of Spanish and French for high school students. Certified to teach in the State of Ohio.


Ashland University awarded me a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Creative Writing, after I successfully defended my translation thesis, titled "Now I Write", adapted from award-winning author, Lolita Bosch's, postmodern memoir, "Ahora, escribo".

My BA degree in Spanish and French, Cum Laude, was earned at Hiram College. Beyond that, I successfully completed translator training and journalism courses, as well as psychology and social work courses at the graduate level. My undergraduate minor was political science (International Relations).

I completed my studies of Italian at Oberlin College during the Spring of 2008.

Self-taught in the reading and translation of the Portuguese language.


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10 cents per word, negotiable (either way), depending on length and complexity of text.

Free notarization of translated documents.

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