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My name is Mohamed and I have been an English teacher for the past 4 years of my life. I have taught English as a foreign and as a second language in a number of countries in both Africa and Asia.
Dedicated English translator with years of experience working in professional and scientific communities. Exceptionally accurate translation skills, including simultaneous translation between all parties during teleconferences and in-person meetings. Diverse translation work including proprietary scientific materials and large-scale executive organization documents. Consistently relied upon for verification and correction of translated materials. Experience teaching other translators through one-on-one mentoring and professional development courses. I am passionate about facilitating productive cross-cultural relationships and have created extensive informational material and coursework to help colleagues understand and develop cultural sensitivity.


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I possess three years of progressive experience as a web content writer. Ability to write content according to international & domestic clients requirements. Possess excellent organizational and management skills. Excellent knowledge of grammar and use of punctuation marks. In-depth knowledge of on-line research with excellent analytical skills. Ability to write in a variety of styles and formats for multiple audiences. In-depth knowledge of writing resumes and cover letters. Assigned the tasks of writing original content for different sites like wedding cakes, alternative treatments and gift ideas. Responsible for developing content for Internet media communications. Handled the task of writing unique titles and descriptions for various web pages. Responsible for developing content for brochures and web sales. Developed high quality content for e-learning courses. Assigned the tasks of writing quality content for blogs and press releases.
Creative, skilled and accomplished Content Writer with diverse knowledge of writing contents for various websites. Seeking a position as a Senior Content Writer in a software company where my skills and proficiency will be utilized.


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English > Arabic

American university in Cairo.

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