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Currently working as a Freelance technical translator and English language consultant.
Translation of Technical documents, specifications, manuals, etc. in the following sectors: Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, Production Engineering, Automation, Civil Engineering, Marine/Nautical Engineering, Environmental protection, QA/QC, ISO 9000.

Originally qualified as a Public Works Engineer in the UK. 12 years experience designing water/sewage treatment and civil works.

Moved to Italy in 1983
Used technical experience and language skills on assignments as a freelance Translator, Technical Language Consultant and on-site Technical Interpreter for clients throughout Italy in a variety of sectors including: Shipbuilding and Repairs, Industrial automation, machine tools, iron and steel production, electronic engineering, telecommunications, civil engineering, construction science, transport systems, publicity, insurance, offshore engineering, foodstuffs, tourism, etc., specialising in the construction, engineering and maritime sectors.

Also worked as on-site and onboard technical interpreter for construction works and ship repairs.

Project examples

Steelworks – Russia. steelworks - Iran
Translation of design and construction specifications, operating and maintenance manuals for a continuous casting steelworks and pipe mill - Mechanical, electrical engineering, civil works, electrical and computer control systems.

Offshore oil drilling and production platforms
Translation of design specifications and control systems for offshore platform modules

Underground and light railway systems
Translation of design specifications, tender documents and manuals for underground networks, light railway systems and high speed trains - Mechanical engineering and computer control systems.

Ship construction and repair (including site works)
Translation and revision of technical specifications for the construction/conversion of various ships and mobile platforms including.

Glossary of shipbuilding terms
Compilation of a Glossary of Shipping terms in English for ro-ro ships and their technology

Three-year congress and yearly Balance Sheets
Translation of company balance sheets and interpreting

Various research projects
Translation of technical research papers: Effects of wind on buildings and other structures: Cracking in structural brickwork; Stability of ancient monuments Rome, Pisa, Padova; Vibration damping in metals.

Tourist guides
Translation of tourist guides for various locations in Italy

Environmental protection
Translation of documents regarding Environmental aspects and technical specifications and tenders for Refuse Disposal, Co-generation, alternative energy and marine protection systems.

Press Releases
Translation of press releases and magazine articles for the international exhibitions.

Magazine articles
Translation of technical articles for various publications.

Company Management
Translation and revision of documents produced by a management consulting companies for business re-organisation, training schemes, etc. Translation of tenders for various EEC financed projects in East Europe and African states.

European Community
Translation of documents for various Italian companies on quality management for ISO 9000 certification.

Yacht construction
Translation of specifications and manuals for luxury and racing yachts (power and sail) built by boatyards in Italy.

Production engineering
NC machine tools for the wood, glass and stone working, domestic appliances, user manuals, maintenance manuals.

Civil Engineering
Specifications/Tender documents for the construction of a proposed suspension bridge.


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Technical translations.
Quality Control of technical documents.

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