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I specialise in literary translations. I thoroughly enjoy the thrill of morphing art from one language to another.

My expertise in literary translations lends itself to other sectors: notably to marketing, where I can convey meaning in a variety of 'effortless' styles.

Book translation: Two Birthdays in Baghdad: Finding the Heart of Iraq
Author: Anna Prouse
Publisher: Howells House

An Italian humanitarian aid worker's experiences in post-war Iraq. Both the author and the publisher are delighted with my translation and its pubblication.

Other projects have included evocative travel writing, advertising, biographies and marketing texts. In addition, I have translated texts relating to social justice, academia, history and environmental issues.

I graduated from the University of Wales, Bangor with a degree in English literature and Italian. I was awarded First Class honours which reflects my flair for writing as well as my meticulous attention to detail, and my ability to work to deadlines. Other than translating, I proof-read, edit, write creatively for pleasure and contribute to local papers.


   Pricing / Other services


Prices for literary translations vary depending on length and style of the text. Please contact me!

All other translations: 0.08 Euros per source word.
Proof-reading: 0.02 Euros per target word

Prices can be negociated.

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