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Reliable Medical and Financial Translations for All Your Company Needs

I graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 2006, with a subsequent Master’s Degree in Economics earned in the year 2008. At the same time I obtained other important linguistic qualifications, including certification as a translator and interpreter from the Ministry of Education in 2003 and a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, awarded with grade A in 2001.

My translation experience is of more than 15 years, and the array of my work in financial translation is extensive, covering investment fund prospectuses/KIIDs, market reports, banking brochures, accounting documents, marketing text, etc. I am the lead linguist for NN Investment Partners Romania.

My experience with EU law and other related fields is also vast, as I translated a 400-page training on EU migration law (English to Romanian), I translated and/or edited various SCAD legislative summaries (hundreds of pages from English and French to Romanian over several years).

I also have over 10+ years' medical translation experience from English and French into Romanian and occasionally Romanian to English, as well. I have covered an extensive number of translation/review and linguistic validation projects in both Clinical Trials and Pharmaceuticals, and I can also cover any medical/life science field due to my previous translation experience.

Here are some of the books and recent projects I worked on as translator/proofreader:


Company financial analysis – 250,000 words / EN-RO.
Market Express and MarketScope for NNIP Romania – 600,000 words / EN-RO
Annual financial reports – 100,000 words / RO-EN.
Penalty charges (taxation) – 20,000 words / EN-RO.
Airline company overview – 15,000 words / EN-RO.
Creditworthiness certificates – 5,000 words RO-EN.
European Chambers of Commerce by F. Pizzetti and P. Bilancia (for the Romanian Chamber of Commerce) – 138 standard pages, FR-RO.

Informed consent forms for drug testing – 500,000 words / EN-RO.
Laboratory equipment IFUs and software user manual: c. 250,000 words (EN-RO)
EMA Annexes (SPCs, PILs, Labelling) for various pharmaceutical products: 400,000+ words to date (EN-RO)
Several patient questionnaires as part of linguistic validation programs – 30,000 words / EN-RO.
IFUs for various medical devices such as catheters, stethoscopes, blood pressure monitor, cervical collar, guidewires, etc.: 400,000+ words (EN-RO)
Patient Records – 25,000 words / RO-EN.
EMA Product Summary – 300,000 words, EN-RO.
Study Protocols, ICF, PIS (EN-RO): 300,000+ words to date (EN-RO)

Economic Value Added (EVA) howto – 4,000 words / EN-RO.
Reliability and validity studies for Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) software tool – 4,000 words / EN-RO.
Risk Metrics Technical Document on Value-at-Risk (parts of) – 6,000 words / EN-RO.
E. Billette de Villemeur’s Cybernetics Course Support and Evaluation Tests – 7,500 words / FR-RO.
Atkinson and Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology (Appendix on Statistics) (Tehnica: Bucharest, 2005) – 40 standard pages / EN-RO.

Informational brochure for Romanian and Bulgarian Citizens (Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales) – 2,200 words / SP-RO.
Head & Shoulders consumer test, product labels, Privacy Policy – 3,500 words / EN-RO.
PAVO Horse feed advertising brochure (2006 & 2007) – 4,000 + 6,700 words / EN-RO.

Leonardo da Vinci Training E-Business for Tourism SMEs (TEBTSME) (agreements and other materials) – 4,000 words / EN-RO and RO-EN.
Socrates (Grundtvig 2) Language Learning Ware (LLW) Project – 3,500 words / EN-RO.
Progress in Policy Reform in SE Europe (Investment Compact Monitoring Instruments, 5th Edition) – 4,600 words / EN-RO.
HR/Psychology/Psychometric Tools/E-learning
Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) software tool – 30,000 words / EN-RO.
Web marketing howto – 10,000 words / EN-RO.
Atkinson and Hilgard’s Introduction to Psychology (several chapters) (Tehnica: Bucharest, 2005) – 500 standard pages / EN-RO.

Law (Contracts)
Agreements for translation rights – 5,400 words / EN-RO & FR-RO.
Website conditions of use – 2,500 words / EN-RO.

IT/Software/Websites/Digital Imaging
EPSON Product Identification Information – 3,000 words / EN-RO.
Adult website localization (including Terms and Conditions) – 7,000 words / EN-RO & SP-RO.
Digital imaging howto (Photoshop) – 3,000 words / EN-RO.
User Manuals
Software Operating Instructions for book binding machine – 6,000 words / FR-RO.
Weather station user manual – 2,000 words / EN-RO.

AA Essential Guide (10 guides of various cities and countries) (Ad Libri: Bucharest, 2007) – 1,360 standard pages / EN-RO.
About Rural Tourism and Farmhouse Holidays: a study on Romanian tourism – 3,600 words/ RO-EN.
Sinaia and Bran Castle: a presentation – 4,000 words / RO-EN, RO-FR.

The Pocket Stylist by Kendall Farr (Pro: Bucharest, 2006) – 200 standard pages / EN-RO.
What Not to Wear (parts 1 & 2) by Trinny Woodall & Susannah Constantine (Pro: Bucharest, 2006) – 70 standard pages / EN-RO.

Les Maîtres spirituels by Jacques Brosse (to be published) – 440 standard pages / FR-RO.
The Handbook of Tibetan Buddhist Symbols by Robert Beer (to be published) – 360 standard pages / EN-RO.

Personal Documents
Birth certificates, marriage certificates, high-school/university degrees, graduation certificates, employment records, etc.

Feng Shui World Magazine (45 standard pages – bimonthly), correspondence, etc.

Work Method: I always proofread my translations very closely before delivery.

My proofreading includes:
- Confronting the printed translated version against the printed original, for a speedier and more accurate editing.
- A responsible terminological re-check.
- Spell checking.
- Streamlining the rendition into a pleasant sounding and (where applicable) culturally adapted, yet faithful, version of the original.

Availability: You will find me online/on the phone from 10.00 to 00.00 Romanian time (EET).
If you need me for an urgent project you might wish to check my local time.


   Pricing / Other services



EN, FR, ES translation into RO: EUR 0.07/new word, EUR 0.02/repetitions & 100% fuzzy.
Proofreading (review): EUR 25/hour or EUR 0.025/word.


EN, FR, ES translation into RO: USD 0.085/new word, USD 0.025/repetitions & 100% fuzzy.
Proofreading (review): USD 30,00/hour or USD 0.03/word.


EN, FR, ES translation into RO: GBP 0.06/new word, GBP 0.015/repetitions & 100% fuzzy.
Proofreading (review): GBP 21/hour or GBP 0.02/word.

* A minimum rate applies for very small projects, the amount of which is 10 EUR / 10 USD / 10 GBP.


   Certification / Accreditation


Romanian > English

Romanian Ministry of Culture - Central Commission for Granting Translator Certificates

English > English

Certificate of Proficiency in English, Cambridge University (ESOL Examinations)

Spanish > Romanian

Romanian Ministry of Culture - Central Commission for Granting Translator Certificates

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