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United Arab Emirates

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Marketing / Financial
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   Career / Experience


Arabic > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Total years of actual experience in the field of translation/localization: 8 years.
Software Knowledge:
 Trados
 Déjà vu
 Helium
 Adobe Acrobat
 Etc

Other Skills:
 Mastering MS Office Applications
 Typing A/E 45wpm.
 Internet Surfing & E-mail Skills
 Hardware Maintenance and OS
 Software
 Legal
 Prs
 Religious
 Financial
 Political
 Websites
 Auto
 Telecommunications & Mobiling
 Economical
 Medical
 E-learning
 Etc.
 Bachelor of English, Faculty of Al-Alsun (Languages), Ain-Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.
 Diploma of Hardware Maintenance and Operating Systems, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, Distinction.
 Course of Communication Skills, AUC, Cairo, Egypt, Distinction.

1) From April 2007 until now in Luxury Publications FZ-LLC. Experience includes:

 Translating press releases on fine watches and jewelry for the magazines of "Day & Night”, “Jewel Time”, “Watch Me,” and “Al Jeel”.

2) From June 2004- March 2007 Future-Group. Experience includes:

 Translating and revising localization projects for Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Lexmark, HP, Cannon, Samsung, Epson, Siemens, Nokia, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Sony, Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corp, IFS Middle East, AVAYA, Dubai Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF), World Bank, JAKEM, Dubai Police General H.Q., Union of Arab Bourses, etc.
 Translating projects and PRs for Splash, Life Style, Lufthansa, Delta Air Lines, First Gulf Bank (FGB), Emirates Driving Institute (EDI), Technogym, Dubai Radio, GNTB, Qatar Development Fund, etc.
 Linguistic Lead of the 2006 HDR (UN Human Development Report).
 Linguistic Lead of Apple Localization Project.
 Handling newsletters, Web Sites, and manuals for the UNICEF, IFC, press releases (BusinessWire, etc.
 Revising political materials
 Revising e-learning materials.
 Revising religious books, Websites, etc.
3) From 2004 till 2006 (Freelancer): EgyTranslators Team (January 2004 – June 2006):
Experience includes:
 Translating, revising, and proofreading legal documents, user guides and GUIs, Islamic, financial, medical, IT-related, and religious materials.
4) From 2003 till 2004: Arabia for Information Technology (Arabia IT)
Experience includes:
 Translating & revising religious books, legal documents, Islamic dictionaries, Websites, etc.
5) From 2000 till 2001: Dar El-Farouk
Experience includes:
 Translating contracts, computer-related books (NT, Programming, E-commerce; On-line Shopping & Marketing, Web sites, MS Office, MCSE, etc)
6) From 2001 till 2002: ActSoft Corporation
Experience includes:
 Translating books on legal, financial, economic and political subjects.


   Pricing / Other services



SW 50$ per 1000wds
Legal and Marketing and the like 50 SW 50$ per 1000wds
PRs SW 40$ per 1000wds

SW 20$ per 1000wds

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