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I graduated from the faculty of Arts, Ain Shams in 2003 with a GPA of “very good in the first degree with honours”. I came third on my class. I finished my pre-ma studies in the year 2004 and I am currently working on my thesis to obtain the masters degree in the field of literature; I officially registered my topic last September.

Realizing that teaching is my passion, I have been working in the field of teaching since my graduation. I worked as a school teacher for two years in two of Egypt’s best schools, where I received an intensive training in teaching English as a second language at the hands of experienced and professional Egyptian and foreign instructors. I also had the opportunity to get acquainted with international curricula and methods of teaching.

In September 2005, I had the pleasure of becoming part of the hard-working and creative team of MSA university. MSA is validated by two reputable British universities: the university of Greenwich & the university of Middlesex. In MSA, I taught various courses: intensive English courses, preparation for the TOEFL exam, the junior writing course, writing business proposals professionally, and research writing. I also joined New Horizons training center last March, where I teach a variety of courses on part-time basis. I teach different levels of general English courses as well as business-oriented courses.

Immediately upon my graduation, I worked for two months as a translator and editor in 3M. Moving to the teaching career, however, did not put an end to my translation activities. In my teaching career, I was always entrusted with any translation tasks whenever required. I also work as
a translator for two charity organizations, Bayan for Human Development and Right Start. I translate ads, proposals, lecture materials, presentations, documents, newsletters . . . etc. I worked on a variety of topics. I can send samples of my work if required.

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