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Miquel Santos

Specialized in documents about sailing.


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I am an architect and a physicist with both degrees from the University of Barcelona. I am very familiar with the vocabulary related to any of these matters.

I am working on a regular basis for World Cruising Club as a translator, which means a good training dealing with the vocabulary of sailing.
I have been working as well as a translator for Offshore Challenges, Dame Ellen MacArthur's company on the Isle of Wight.

I never give in a work without being totally sure the text I am sending is in a good Spanish or Catalan, and that it is clear and understandable.

I have been trained as a teacher of Spanish at International House, Barcelona.

Of course a CV with references is ready to be sent if required.


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The price for a document up to 2.000 words is £0,08 per word.
For a document of more than 2.000 words is £0,06 per word.

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