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Professional Career
From 15/06/2006 till now
Freelance translator
From 21/1/2004 till 26/5/2006
GD Arabia, Tabuk, KSA, an offshoot of GD
Title: Interpreter/Translator
- Senior interpreter/translator for the world leader in the filed of armored vehicles especially the M1A1, M1A2 and M60A3 Abrams full-tracked tanks
- Preparing and translating lesson plans and supplemental texts for the courses given by the American military instructors
- Assisted in delivering high standard technical training on TWIGGS, U-COFT, MILES … etc.
- Providing simultaneous and consequential interpretation as well as written translation both in class and onsite.
- Translated a large number of technical manuals
From 1/4/2002 till 10/1/2004
Dar El-Farouk for Publishing and Distribution
Title: Vice President of the Publishing Department
- Responsible for the ins and outs of the Publishing Department including, but not limited to, normal day-to-day operation, supervision, follow-up and monitoring
- Completely responsible for opening up new lines of production, setting the infrastructure and recruiting the manpower in charge of the new line
- Monitoring and supervising the work cycle in the company between the different departments, including the Translation, Graphic Design, Layout, and the Internet
From 1/4/2000 till 30/3/2002
Dar El-Farouk for publishing and Distribution
Tip-Top Arabization and translation Services
Title: Translation Manager
Achievements and Major Translation and Arabization Projects
• Arabization of OpenText Livelink. Approx. 400.000 words. Please visit
• Translation, DTP and layout of the ICDL course material for Cairo UNESCO Office. Approx. 350.000 words. Please visit
• Translation, DTP and layout of 6 Science Books for Macmillan. Approx. 1500 pages. Please visit
• Translation, DTP and layout of 4 Islamic Books for the American Open University in Washington. Approx. 1200 pages. Please visit
• Major translation projects for Oracle Egypt, Sahm Software, Khalifa Computer Engineering, Research and Development Engineering ... etc.
Major Responsibilities:
- Manager of 6 team leaders and more than 38 translators who translate the books published by the House and offer translation services to other customers
- Revising sample files translated by the staff and writing down feedback reports and filling in revision forms
- Responsible for the follow-up of the translation projects the company undertook so that we could stick to deadlines
- Putting evaluation reports upon which translators are graded and recompensed
- Responsible for signing translation deals with customers and determining prices and dates of delivery
- Putting quarterly and annual reports on each translator and group managers
- Responsible for coordination between the Translation Department and other departments in the House such as the DTP, Graphic Design, the Internet ... etc.
- Securing sufficient dictionaries and domain-specific glossaries (most of them are soft copies) in the various fields of translation
- Providing and coordinating necessary training so that translators will be updated and armed with the latest technologies and the most recent translation tools
- Selecting new candidates when there are vacancies. I put exams, checked the candidates’ answers, interviewed them and issued the final decision on their eligibility for the job
From 1/1/1997 till 30/3/2000
Sakhr Software and
Harf Information Technology and
Lat Title Occupied: Multilingual Translation Department Coordinator (latest title occupied in both companies)
Team Leader - Technical Writer - Translator - Grammar-write - Linguist
- A coordinator of the Translation Department (46 translators) and a team leader of the English Language Department (eight translators). I was charged to assign portions to each translator and check follow-up and on-time delivery.
- Translated, revised and proofread the Islamic software produced by Harf Information Technology such as Zakah for Individuals, Hajj and `Umrah etc.
- Prepared, translated and proofread the data of Harf online site as well as the gigantic Islamic site powered by Harf This latter site was selected as the best Arabic and Islamic multilingual site on the Internet by Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine and this same site is now sponsored by the Saudi Ministry of Awqaf.
- Participated in writing Sakhr CAT Manual as I wrote the Dictionary Part and the Menus-related portions throughout the whole manual.
- Revised and filtered Sakhr English  Arabic Dictionary which is embedded in Sakhr Dictionary and the CAT system
- Revised and filtered Microsoft database of technical terminology (more than 10.000 unique entries) which is used in technical translation both in Sakhr and Harf
- Translated and revised many translation and localization projects shouldered by Sakhr for other firms such as Mendez Language and Technology (localization), Ricoh (also localization) and Panasonic (translation)
- Built domain-specific glossaries and translation memories which were used in translating and localizing Sakhr and Harf products as well as other projects
- Prepared, compiled and revised more than 90% of the first electronic Islamic Dictionary produced by Harf
- Worked as a linguist and grammar-write in the Machine Translation Department.
- Conducted comparative evaluation on the machine translation system produced by Sakhr (called SAT, standing for Sakhr Automatic Translator) and ATA system (Al-Mutarjim Al-Araby). This evaluation was based on the most recent researches made in the field by Wessex University.
From 10/9/1995 till 30/6/1996
Al-Bishry Establishment, Abha, KSA
Title: Translator
- Translated the manuals and brochures of the products imported by the Establishment as well as all correspondences and contracts made between the Establishment and foreign firms
From 1/8/1994 till 31/3/1995
MegaMind Egypt Ltd.
Title: Translator
- Translated technical manuals such as Nisus Writer, one of Apple Macintosh desktop applications
- Partially translated MINISIS (the computer system adopted by the Arab League headquarter in Cairo) manual
From 1/6/1993 till 31/7/1994
Al-Attar Translation Bureau
Title: Translator
- Translated various stuff in almost all fields such as technical, engineering, medical, commercial spheres


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