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Over 30 years' freelance professional experience in translating texts in a variety of specializations into English and editing English texts.

Specializations: medical/pharmaceutical, legal/patents, technical, academic, literary.

Medical/Pharmaceutical: Over 1000 patient files, letters of discharge, test reports, informed consent forms. Extensive drug approval documentation, research study documentation, statements of Good Manufacturing Practice, drug export certificates, patient information leaflets. Medical equipment instruction manuals. Academic articles on the philosophy of medicine. Syllabi in medical and paramedical professions.

Legal/Patents: Thousands of contracts, affidavits, statements of claim, statements of defense, third party notices, rulings, wills, etc. Over 1000 patents and patent-related documents on inventions in medical, computer, engineering, telecommunications, manufacturing, architectural and other applications.

Technical: Hundreds of instruction manuals, troubleshooting guides, hardware and software specifications, acceptance test procedures, checklists, QA/QC procedures.

Academic: Books, articles, theses and research papers in a variety of fields including history, philosophy, psychology, education, criminology, linguistics.

Literary: Novels, short stories, poetry, plays.

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