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Arabic > English
  - Translating
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Tutor of Arabic as a foreign language to a number of people from Germany and Switzerland. I taught basic grammatical and communicative skills that helped setting the learners on the track of learning the Arabic language and become independent learners with the ability of pursuing their acquisition of the language with little help.
Freelance Translator and Consecutive/Simultaneous Interpreter
(Amman, Jordan). Undertook various technical translations in the field of agriculture and development in particular as assigned to me by the Food and Agriculture Org. through a translation agency in Amman. Translated different types of texts such as resumes, affidavits, marriage contracts, leaseholds, manuals and instruction books. As an interpreter, did consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in a number of meetings and training workshops done by the UNDP and FAO for Iraqi staffs in the fields of economic development, strategic planning and agricultural reforms. Not only did I add to my translation experience during these events and assignments, but I also enriched my experience in the mechanisms and strategies of development.

Translated H.C. Armstrong’s book “Lord of Arabia” which will be published by the end of 2008 by Dar Al-Warraq in London
Translated 140-page annual report of the Jordan Islamic Bank into English
Translated short stories for a number of well-known Iraqi writer’s like Mohammed Khodeir
Translation critic for a collection of modern poetry by a contemporary Iraqi poet published in the University of Basrah, Iraq.

2007: Iraq: The Lost Generation
In this documentary on Iraqi Refugees Crisis in Jordan and Syria, I worked as an interpreter with a team from British Channel 4 on documenting the suffering of Iraqi refugees in both Jordan and Syria.
2007: American Market Place:
I also worked on Iraqi refugees in Jordan with Mrs. Alisa Roth from the American Market Place Public Media Radio on documenting the life of some Iraqi refugees in Jordan.


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$ 30 Per 250 Words (Depending on Lexical Density and Field)

$ 35 Per Hour

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