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Stefano Lasagna - Curriculum Vitae

Born on 17th May 1963 in Genoa. Divorced, two daughters (18 and 6).

1970/1977: Primary and secondary school at the Swiss School of Genoa (private school especially focused on foreign languages, with mother tongue teachers):
French lessons starting from the first class/primary
German lessons starting from the third class/primary
English lessons starting from the first class/secondary.

1978/1982: Commercial High School. Bookkeeping Diploma on July 1982 with a final mark of 57/60. During these years I kept on studying English and French. Twice a week, in the afternoon, I attended Goethe Institut where I was awarded – after five years – MittelStufe II (which can be compared to a Cambridge University CAE for the English language).

1982/1983: National Service in Paratroopers.

September 1984: I won a competition sponsored by Regione Liguria, and I attended a Marketing Course – including a business English course - which lasted six months full time, plus a three-month stage in a regional Company.

1985/1988: Product Manager by Homberger Sas + Co., a Genoa-based commercial firm dealing with industrial, numeric-controlled metal-working machines manufactured by TRUMPF GmbH + Co. and FEIN GmbH, both with H.Q. in Stuttgart (D). There I had the chance of deeply improving my skills in German language, with a special focus on technical jargon.

1988/NOW: Employed in Banca CARIGE S.p.A., the 6th bank in Italy and the first in Liguria (more than 6.000 employees); during these years I’ve been assigned to many departments:

1988/1991: operative branches (with different roles, from cashier to deputy branch manager)

1991/1995: Consumer Credit Dept., where my jobs since the beginning of the Company’s activities were those of implementing credit score tables and instalments/rates spreadsheets, comparing different outsourcing companies able to offer our Bank their services, contacting the dealers and making them adhere to our offers, continuously monitoring our services in order to update and customise them.

1995/1997: Marketing Dept, charged with the assignment of creating and developing the advertising campaigns.

1997/1999: Leasing Dept. – Deputy Manager. During this period I worked both in the Personal Property- and in the Real Estate Leasing Dept., focusing my job mainly on loans and overdrafts issues, as well as commercial matters.

1999/2004: Foreign Dept., Head of Correspondent Banking.
During my assignment, I was able to give this role a more enthralling dimension: a special care was dedicated to the relationships with foreign Banks; I travelled quite often to France, England and Germany, in order to keep in touch with our main shareholders Banks. I also used to co-operate with our Middle Office – Shareholders Relationships Dept. in matters concerning the establishing or the maintaining of relationships with our associated foreign banks. This job involved also the creation of Power Point files (.ppt) to be used as slideshows during the meetings with our counterparts. I was among the official interlocutors for the particular business relationships which had been established by various agreements signed between both Banca Carige and its German counterparts (WestLB and Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband – RSGV), and other international banks abroad (CNCE in France; CECA and Banco Cooperativo Español in Spain). I was the “Web master” of the Foreign Dept. Intranet site, on which I was able to implement the complete, worldwide Swift BIC directory, together with other services which could reveal themselves useful for their final users (mostly our branches). Thanks to my knowledge of foreign languages, I was often asked for the translation of letters, documents, guarantees etc. for various Depts. of the Bank. I used to act as interpreter as well (to- and from English, German and French) during various meeting of my General Management with foreign counterparts. Needless to say, during these years I had the chance of strongly improving my language skills, especially on the “banking and financial” side.

March 2004/June 2005: Representative Office in London.
During my assignment as Bank Representative in London, I spent most of the time in contacting foreign Banks in order to offer co-operation opportunities. Another mission of this job was that of assisting our customers who wanted to initiate/improve/enlarge their business relationship with companies based in UK.
June 2005/October 2006: Representative Office in Frankfurt (Germany).
Our Bank was the main shareholder of a small private investment Bank in Germany (Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft AG); during my assignment there I was charged with the tasks of both supervising the relationships between my Bank and the a.m. private bank and taking care of the usual inter-bank business relationships.
October 2006/NOW: Business Development Dept. – Foreign Office.
After having deeply improved my German- and English language skills thanks to the prolonged stay in the a.m. Representative Offices abroad, I was called back in Italy where I’m currently the Head of the Business Development Dept., and especially the branch of which that takes care of the various needs of both the Italian customers wanting to initiate/improve/enlarge their business relationship with companies based abroad and the foreign customers who desire to initiate/improve/enlarge their business relationship with companies based in Italy.

Foreign Languages

Italian: mother tongue
English: Cambridge University’s Certificate of Proficiency in English (achieved on July 2000): fluently written and spoken.
German: Goethe Institut’s Mittelstufe II: fluently spoken, good written
French: very good spoken and written
Spanish: a basic knowledge is currently being improved

Other Skills

excellent knowledge of Windows- and Macintosh operating systems together with their most important applications:
Full Office suite: Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Front Page
Corel Draw, Photo Paint, Photoshop
Internet Explorer, Netscape, Internet browsing
iLife suite
D.I.Y. travel
Apprentice Stand Up Comedian
Glider soaring
Scuba diving (2-star Instructor FIPS-CMAS)
Running (I completed Paris Marathon 2001)
Photography and digital imaging.

Personal Details and Contacts

Tel.: +39-010-5792160 – mobile +39-347-4426909
e-mail: –
Address: Via Caffa 13 apt. 15 – 16129 Genova (GE) – Italy

Reviewed in October 2009


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From English/French/German to Italian: 0,05€/source word
From Italian to English: 0,06€/source word.
For continuous/huge jobs the a.m. prices can be reviewed.


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English > Italian

CPE - Cambridge University - year 2000

German > Italian

Deutsche Mittelstufe II - Goethe Institut Genoa

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