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As Legal translation is a very specialised area, it also requires very specific skills and knowledge. Therefore, it should only be done by linguist- lawyers who have practical experience on the legal field in addition to an excellent understanding of legal concepts.

We are a network ( we are not an agency) of linguist-lawyers ( with different native languages) who are qualified in one or more jurisdictions. We are dedicated to delivering accurate, personalised and comprehensive translations, using ingredients such as our outstanding native language skills and our solid legal backgrounds.

We praise ourselves to be a "boutique translation network" and not a mass production translation company, which means that we can restrict the number of clients we take on at any one time to ensure that all our clients receive a focused and highly personalised service, because we are passionate about our business and we invest a great deal in each client and each document and we always leave an open door to discussion, feedback and communication.

We shape and mould your text in order to prepare a first class document in the language of your taste.

As linguist-lawyers we understand that a word can change the sense of a clause and we strongly understand how time-critical legal and business documents can be.We deliver a translation that requires minimal additional review. A team of translators and editors, who are native in both the source and target language, work together at all stages to ensure a first class translation ready to be used by you.

We specialise in English, French,German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese which we are able to translate at a native level, whilst simultaneously being able to take into consideration the legal culture and context of the language. We are able to cast a native lawyer's eye over documents in any of these languages, bringing a unique understanding of the nuances of each source and target language and guaranteeing a high quality product.

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1. Legal & Business Translation

2. Interpreting

3. Online Legal & Business Language Training
Preparation for International Legal & Business language certificates.*

- Spanish Legal Course
- French Legal Course
- English Legal Course
- Italian Legal Course
- German Legal Course
- Chinese Legal Course
- Russian Legal Course

* For more information : - REF- Legal & Business Language Courses.

4. Cultural Awareness Coaching

5. Editing

6. Certified Translation

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