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English > Afrikaans
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B.A. Psychology and Afrikaans University Western Cape November 1974
Secondary Teacher’s Diploma University Western Cape November 1974
B.A. Hons. (Afr-Ndl) University Free Sate November 1987
B.Ed. Educational Management University Free State November 1992
Dip. Language Practice (Translation) University Free State November 2009
STUDENT NUMBER : 1986345997


Dates Institution Position Reason for leaving

Jan 1975 – Dec 1978 Spandau High Teacher Transfer
Jan 1979 – Dec 1984 Dower College Lecturer Application
Jan 1985 – Dec 1987 Perseverance College Lecturer Marriage
Jan 1988 –June 2008 Heatherdale High H.O.D. To complete studies at UFS

1. Dr Nico Swart
Law Faculty UFS
Tel: 051 401 9282
Please feel free to contact him: I can proudly say that I have successfully edited, proofread and translated parts of his LLM- thesis from the beginning to the end, all by myself, with no assistance from any language advisor. He can give you more detailed information on a publication in process that is based on my work relating to this thesis.
2. Dr J. Marais
Lecturer Translation Studies UFS
Tel: 051 401 2798
3. Mr. Roy Doubell
Former Principal Heatherdale Secondary School
Tel: 084 522 95 63


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SATI related , but it is negotiable

e.g R45. OO per 100 words Source Language


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English > Afrikaans

University Free State Bloemfontein
Student number: 1986345997
Post Grad Diploma Translation Studies ( November 2009)

English > Afrikaans

University Free State Bloemfontein
Post Grad Diploma Translattion Studies (November 2009 )

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