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Frances Thomas

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French > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Italian > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Portuguese > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Spanish > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

I have been a professional translator for over three years. I spent two years as part of the Financial Times translation team, where I translated business and financial articles from the foreign press for publication on the newspaper's website. I subsequently worked as a staff translator for Temple Translations, specialising in legal documents, prior to setting up my own business as a freelance translator in September 2009.

I specialise in business/finance (company accounts, insurance, mergers & acquisitions, stock markets, economics) and law (contracts, articles of association, pleadings, judgments etc.).


   Pricing / Other services


I typically charge between GBP 0.065 and 0.08 per source word, depending on the source language and nature of the text. I also provide editing and proofreading services (£30 and £20 per hour respectively).

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