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I offer translations as a native speaker of Italian texts into English. I have more than twenty years of experience with this type of translations, and have translated countless publications (books, catalogues and magazine articles) on art, design and architecture for leading art publishers. I graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Milan (Brera) in 1987 and have worked both as a translator and as an artist since then. While my artistic career is going well, I have no intention of abandoning my work as a translator: I find the two activities to be complimentary. Translating writings on art can be quite a challenge, as art critics seem to favour a quite cryptic and complex style, and it takes a profound familiarity of both art history and art concepts to fully comprehend such texts and to make them as clear and readable as possible.
I have been working for the same customers for many years, in some cases more than 10, and many leading galleries, artists and art critics contact me regularly for their translations. I always deliver on time, and refuse work rather than running the risk of compromising on quality. I do not edit or revise the texts of other translators, and anything I take on will be translated by me.

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