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I have over 30 years' experience as a freelance translator of patents and related documents, having previously worked with patent attorneys both in private practice and in industry. During this period I have undertaken freelance translation work for many different clients in a wide variety of fields. I specialise in translating patents, but I also have experience of translating numerous other technical documents, for example user manuals and academic journals. I have translated documents in many technical fields, including electronics, especially television and video equipment, aviation and aerospace, genetic modification, pharmaceuticals, cement production, telecoms, mechanical and electrical engineering, and contracts.

- 43 years experience in translating from French and German into English
- Over 30 years experience as a freelance translator
- Founder member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting
- As part of my commitment to providing new languages and services, I have been able to offer translation services into English from Spanish since 2003 and from Italian since 2006
- Expertise in the field of technical patent translation
- Experience in the use of Microsoft Office, especially Word, including 2007 .docx format
- Fast and efficient document production: Typing speed 50 words per minute
- Excellent command of English
- Able to reproduce complex formatting, e.g. tables and layout, also chemical and mathematical formulae
- Able to translate text in graphics, e.g. legends on graphs, flow charts, captions on drawings, etc.
- Meticulous research into terminology and constant attention to detail
- I am able to work flexibly and to tight deadlines
- Able to work independently on translation, or as part of a team


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Translation from French, German, Italian or Spanish into English 0.05 GBP per word

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