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Spanish > English
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As a native English speaker with strong writing skills, I am highly qualified to translate from Spanish to English and Arabic to English. I am a fluent heritage speaker of Spanish: my most recent translation work included translating a 200-page report by the Latin America Public Opinion Project (LAPOP) at Vanderbilt University. I received commendations for this translation and an invitation to translate their reports in subsequent years.

I also have extensive experience translating between Arabic and English in a professional context. I have been studying Modern Standard Arabic since 2007 and working for an international NGO in the Middle East since 2009. Hence I am very comfortable translating office documents, monitoring and evaluation reports, questionnaires, marketing literature, media literature, and the like.

My academic background includes political science, anthropology, literature, and historical texts as part of a degree in Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures from Columbia University. My specialization is translating Arabic and Spanish texts that deal with social science and media topics; however, I am comfortable with many types of texts, as indicated by my professional experience.

I am also proficient in Levantine colloquial Arabic (Palestinian and Jordanian) and have working knowledge of French.

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