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English > Italian
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Proofreading

French > Italian
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Proofreading

Italian > French
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Proofreading

Italian > English
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Proofreading


Reliable, accurate and value-for-money language services
for companies, translation agencies and private clients


Name and Surname: Chiara Balboni
Born: 18/11/1982 in Cento (FE)
Nationality: Italian
Address: Via Buttieri, 44 – 44045 Renazzo (FE) - ITALY
Mobile: (+39)3334830058
VAT: IT 01774900383


ITALIAN: Mothertongue
ENGLISH: Excellent level, both written and spoken (C2)
FRENCH: Very good level, both written and spoken (C1)
GERMAN: Basic level (A1)

MASTER’S DEGREE in “Foreign Languages for the Communication of Companies and International Organisations” (July 2008 – 110/110 with honours) University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
BACHELOR’S DEGREE in “European Languages and Cultures” (July 2005 – 110/110 with honours) University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA in Accountancy and Business Management (June 2001 – 100/100) ISIT Bassi-Burgatti in Cento (FE), Italy

Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2) Cambridge University
Certificate of Advance Competence in French (C1) University of Modena
Workshop in English>Italian legal translation methodology and English>Italian translation of corporate contracts, memorandums of association, articles of association and powers of attorney STL Formazione
Workshop in English>Italian financial translation (investment funds related documents) STL Formazione
Practical course in English>Italian editorial translation (fiction and essays) Odoya Publishing House
Training meeting: “Reasons and Actions for learning a foreign language” Italian Association of Foreign Language Teachers
Conference: “Linguistic Diversity, a challenge for Europe” University of Modena
Private lessons of English language with an English mothertongue teacher (from 1995 to 1999) Private teacher
Seminar: “How to efficiently organise the corporate export department” Italian Chamber of Commerce
Seminar: “Traditional and Innovative Marketing Channels in an International Context” Italian Chamber of Commerce
Seminar: “How to optimise post-fair contacts” Italian Chamber of Commerce
Seminar: “Analysis of Competition and Positioning on Foreign Markets” Italian Chamber of Commerce
Seminar: “International Bank Guarantees” Italian Chamber of Commerce

Website contents in the field of clothing, fashion and textile (product descriptions and marketing texts) EN>IT
Website contents in the field of aviation (service descriptions, rules, terms and conditions, marketing texts, etc.) EN>IT
Website contents in the field of software (online software user guide) EN>IT
Website contents in the field of furniture (products catalogue and descriptions, newsletters, marketing texts) FR>IT
Website contents in the field of tourism and travel (hotel and resort descriptions) EN>IT
Website contents in the field of diet and sport supplementation (supplement descriptions, ingredients, marketing texts) EN>IT
Website contents for AVnet’s LDi2 online software licensing platform EN>IT Push International
Three English teaching student’s books EN>IT Direct English Italia
Brochures about children and adult English courses and learning methodology EN>IT Direct English Italia
Brochures of museums in Salon de Provence, France FR>IT Atom E-city Ltd
Documents published for associate members, the press and the general public (press releases, letters, website texts, newsletters, magazine articles, brochures, event programs, etc.) EN>IT European Circus Association
World Circus Federation
Regulations about animal treatment and promotional documents EN>IT Circus Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey
Market research questionnaires EN>IT Lingvo House
Smartphone application description and user guide EN>IT Sonarflow
Privacy and cookie policy for EN>IT Compass Languages
Statistics about 2012 Olympic Games EN>IT Lingvo House
Marketing presentation of a data centre cooling system EN>IT aClick
Injury claim advice EN>IT Lingvo House
Form G-639 in relation to U.S. Freedom of Information or Privacy Act EN>IT Private client
Affiliation proposal from Wyndham Worldwide in the field of tourism EN>IT GruppoMela
Articles about EU political affairs FR>IT Atomium Culture
General Electric’s gas turbine operation and maintenance manual EN>IT Tek Translations
Three technical sheets about radar and infrared sensors for automatic sliding doors FR>IT ISA Translations
Three technical papers about high voltage direct current and alternating current power transmission systems EN>IT Private client
Nomura International’s building engineering service guide EN>IT Lingvo House
Two medical research papers about a rare skin disease EN>IT Private client
Several presentation brochures about hotels and resorts in La Maddalena Island, Sardinia IT>EN Gruppo Mela
Two technical work clothes catalogues IT>EN
IT>FR Modit Group
Medical doctor’s website contents IT>EN Dr. Tiberiu Brenner
Subtitles of a documentary film (“I giocattoli di Armando”) and a short film (“Asade”) IT>EN Associazione Medicine
Two shooting plans for short films IT>EN Articolture
Creation and translation of all marketing, advertising and promotional documents for the company’s range of electric harvesting machines IT>EN
IT>FR Ecogreen Italia
Numerous birth, marriage and work permission certificates IT>EN Lingvo House
Various documents in the field of entertainment (live show synopsis and presentations, event programs and others) IT>EN Private client
Translation of CVs and resumes EN>IT
IT>EN Various private clients
Translations of letters, e-mails and other communication materials for various companies IT<>EN
IT<>FR Tubofil Snc
Ecogreen Italia
GPT Durasek D.o.o.

EIMA (2010, 2012) Ecogreen Italia
TANEXPO (2012) GPT Durasek D.o.o.
EFTTEX (2002 – 2006, 2008 – 2010) Leozann
LINEAPELLE (2009, 2011, 2012) Prima Visione Sas, Catex Srl
COSMOPROF (2012) Mathilde M.
SIMAC (2008) Tubofil Snc
AUTOPROMOTEC (2009) Solaufil Mecafilter
JAGD&HUND (2009) Leozann
BIRDFAIR (2007) Leozann
Business meeting with a German customer and a Saudi Arabian supplier at an Italian company manufacturing plastic materials EN<>IT Politec Srl
Consecutive interpreting during seminars and technical lectures about movie shooting for an audience of American students EN<>IT Articolture
Business negotiation between an Italian hotel owning company and an Austrian hotel management company EN<>IT Gruppo Mela
Technical meeting between an Italian company manufacturing pasta production plants and a French customer FR<>IT Fava SpA
Interview between Italian journalists and Physiology Nobel Prize Prof. Luc Montagnier FR<>IT LG Traduzioni
On-the-phone interpreting jobs with foreign customers and suppliers for several Italian companies EN<>IT
FR<>IT Leozann
Ecogreen Italia
Gruppo Mela

English language tutor for adult one-to-one courses focused on developing conversational skills, from beginner to advanced level From Sept. 2009 to Nov. 2011 Direct English Italia Training Centre
English and French teacher for high-school students in a private school From Sept. 2009 to July 2011 Centro Studi Fermi
Internship as a Business Development Manager for the Italian market in Paris, France, at a company that creates and sells mobile phone multimedia contents (ringtones, video games, etc.) From April to July 2007


   Pricing / Other services


Rates for non-technical translations:

English>Italian: 0,05 Euro/word
Franch>Italian: 0,05 Euro/word
Italian>English: 0,07 Euro/word
Italian>French: 0,07 Euro/word

Rates for technical translations:

English>Italian: 0,07 Euro/word
Franch>Italian: 0,07 Euro/word
Italian>English: 0,09 Euro/word
Italian>French: 0,09 Euro/word

Rates for proofreading jobs:

English>Italian: 0,02 Euro/word
Franch>Italian: 0,02 Euro/word


   Certification / Accreditation


English > Italian

Practical course in English>Italian editorial translation organised by the publishing house Odoya in Bologna, Italy (February-March 2009)

English > Italian

Workshop in financial translation (mutual investment funds related documents)

English > Italian

Workshop in legal translation (corporate contracts, articles of association and powers of attorney)

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