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Translating is an art.
An art that only real professionals can successfully perform, this is what I truly believe. It is a matter of extreme accurateness related to the kind of text to be translated. It is a matter of comprehension of the target audience and of the real goals of the source text. It is a matter of passion for human language and the pure magic of words that combine together in the perfect way.
15 years of experience in this field make me more and more enthusiastic every day.


Last March I was one of the four Professionals who were invited as speakers/lecturers to the conference on Patents held at the S.S.L.M.I.T. in Triest: I was the referent for the English language and my lecture focussed on the relevance of translation in this field, the competence needed as well as the specific features of this highly technical text.

- in the Linguistic dpt. of one of the most important Patent Offices in Udine, D’Agostini Organizzazione, where I was in charge of coordinating Translators, proof-reading and editing their translations, translating patents as well as technical-scientific, legal and marketing texts. Before being regularly hired, I had been working there as a free-lance translator for three years;

- I was one of the four Translators who worked for the renowned publishing house LAROUSSE (Paris) for the realization of the paperback dictionary German-Italian;

- In the last 15 years I have been working as a professional Translator for a number of companies, translation agencies and private customers: among them, the University of Udine, San Paolo IMI Bank, Newton Management Innovation S.p.A. (part of the famous group Il Sole 24 Ore), Web Industry, Progetto Formazione Azienda, CEPU, Passoni Luigi Sedie, Terme di Lignano and many others.

• Top-level Translation Degree (Laurea) awarded in March, 9th 2004 by the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori (S.S.L.M.I.T.) in Triest (110/110 summa cum laude), the first and most important in Italy.
Thesis title: “Il Brevetto Europeo e il Brevetto Internazionale in lingua inglese come genere testuale” (“The European Patent and the International Patent in English as a genre”).
• Translation degree (Laurea Breve) awarded in 1999 by the University of Udine (66/70).
• Diploma di Perito Aziendale e Corrispondente in Lingue Estere (Degree in Business Administration and Foreign Correspondence) awarded in 1996 (60/60).

I love to delve into medical and scientific disciplines such as anatomy, physiology, psychology, education science;
- I am fond of reading (presently, I am reading “Il cervello, la mente, l’anima” a book written by the famous Italian scientist Edoardo Boncinelli that talks about the brain, the mind and the soul as well as about their mutual relations according to the latest scientific research);
- writing (I attended with pleasure and success a course for creative writing with the Italian writer Marina Giovannelli); SEO writing;
- music (singing, specifically);
- sports: scuba diving (licenses: first-level diving, night diving, marine biology), volleyball;
- photography.

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