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Irene Calabria

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I have worked as a freelance translator from German and English into Italian since June 2011.

Previous working experience
German and English teacher for various Italian language institutes.

June 2011: MA in Translation at Fondazione Milano Lingue, ISIT SSML Dipartimento di Lingue, in collaboration with the Université Marc Bloch de Strasbourg. Parcour: Traduction littéraire. Mention: bien.
October 2009: BA in Translation and Interpreting at Dipartimento di Lingue, ISIT SSML Scuole Civiche di Milano. Final mark: full marks with honors.

Other previous experiences
Revising and editing of many texts, including the next edition of Manuale del Traduttore, by Bruno Osimo.
Translation of Hermann Hesse's Letture da un minuto, to be published by Feltrinelli, Milan, edited by Anna Ruchat (translated with other students while majoring in translation).
Translation from German into Italian of the website
Translation of several academic papers written by Bruno Osimo about translation studies and semiotics from Italian into English.
Thorough bibliographical research for Towards the Light, by A.C. Grayling, translated by Isabella C. Blum.

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