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French & Italian expert (law, business and finance specialisms)


United Kingdom

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Marketing / Financial
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French > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Italian > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Main features of my services:

• Translation of documents from French or Italian to English (both general & specialist language);
• My specialist subjects are law, accounting, business and marketing;
• Proof-reading of documents in French, Italian or English;
• Online tutoring service in English via Skype or email if required;
• No outsourcing of work;
• Very meticulous translator with a profound knowledge of grammar and vocabulary;
• Professional attitude to work;
• Friendly, approachable translator with permanent contact with client;
• Reasonable rates;
• Able to meet deadlines;
• Use of computer-aided translation tools.


• I have a BA (Hons) degree in French & Italian studies. My course involved a significant translating and liaison interpreting component;
• I am a trained barrister so I have a sound knowledge of legal terminology;
• I have worked as a technical translator for Alcatel, Nantes, France;
• I have worked as a business English teacher in Paris and my clients worked mainly in the financial, insurance and marketing sectors. I had to proofread documents and help my clients translate documents into English on a regular basis;
• I have worked as an English teacher in Modena, Italy. My clients followed both General English & Business English courses. I had to proofread documents and help my clients translate documents into English on a regular basis.
• I am always happy to meet new clients and accept new challenges.


   Pricing / Other services



£0.05 to £0.12 per source word. The rate will depend on the subject matter, the complexity of the language, the length of the document and the deadline requested if applicable.


£0.03 to £0.05 per source word.

Online tutoring in English via Skype

£15 for 30 minutes
£25 for 1 hour

I am always able to negotiate a fee that both myself and my client deem reasonable and are entirely happy with.

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