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Ian Davies

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I translate from French and Italian into English, and I specialise in technical and scientific texts. Recent projects in this field have included stem cell research, IT risk assessment, renewable energy, factory specifications and software programs; clients have included the Council of Europe and Bologna City Council, as well as a variety of pan-European companies in medical, media and IT industries.

I have a Master of Arts in Interpreting and Translating from the University of Bath, as well as a First Class Bachelor of Arts in French and Italian Studies from the University of Warwick. My MA dissertation involved translating scientific journals on nuclear fusion from French into English, and it received Distinction.

I am also highly proficient with IT, and I have worked in web design and server infrastructure alongside translation for almost ten years. I am fluent in markup and programming languages such as XML, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL and JavaScript, as well as being familiar with DNS, server infrastructure and PC hardware. I can offer highly specialised website localisation services, coding the necessary pages and integrating them with a live website.

Apart from this, my natural curiosity and attention to detail give rise to excellent research skills, and every translation is meticulously proofread before submission. I am extremely reliable, and always easy to contact.


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