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I would like to introduce myself as a translator with specialization in IT / technical translations, but other areas like social science and medical/healthcare are covered as well.
My native language is English, I live in Italy, where throughout my working life in the pharmaceutical industry and IT both Italian and English communication and reporting was required.
I also worked for longer periods in France and studied French at university level.
I offer the language pairs IT/FR > EN.
With my specialized responsibilities focused on the day-to-day operation of IT infrastructure in various countries, as well as the healthcare industry, combined with a vast working experience in this area - for example I often translated documents and/or checked the regulatory requirements of documents according to EU criteria.
Mostly I work for commercial clients in Italy, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Switzerland, USA and Israel.


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Price will vary according to project and quantity, do please contact me for a quotation.


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Italian > English Certified PRO in this pair.

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