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Afrikaans > English
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  - Interpreting (simult.)

I am new to translation but because I have an above average command of both English and Afrikaans and have more than 40 years regular daily use of these languages, I have decided to offer my services. I can, of course, give translations from Afrikaans to English and am more than willing to do so - but for the meanwhile think that there might be a demand the other way round. My experience relates to varying fields with dedicated terminology such as telecommunications, mining, property development, bio-diesel production, farming methods and practices, cookery, sewing, insurance, and creative literature - to name but a few. As I am able to express the nuances that are peculiar to the Afrikaans language to make the translation authentic and coherent to the Afrikaans reader - I will be able to assist you in reaching the Afrikaans sector of our South African population.


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My pricing is subject to negotiation presently. Depending on the length of the project and the expected time to completion I am willing to consider the terms offered by the client (within reason).

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