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John Joseph Colangelo

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2005: I am currently studying in the Faculty of Translating and Interpreting (University of Granada, Spain) where I am in the third year of the specialization Arabic/Spanish & English/Spanish Translating and Interpreting. I am also translating a traditional Arabic grammar into Spanish for Spanish speaking students who want to learn Arabic.
2000: I did a ten day course in Berlitz (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) concentrating on communicative approaches to language teaching.
2000: I graduated from the Arabic Language Institute at Umm Al-Qura University (Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) where I specialized in Arabic language-grammar and morphology-and literature as well as Islamic sciences.
1998: I graduated from the University of Granada (Spain) where I majored in Spanish (Language and literature) and minored in Arabic.
1985: Graduated from Cairo-Durham High School.


2003 - Present: I am working at the Private Religious Institute of Dubai as a language instructor. I am also involved in academic translations from Arabic to Spanish and English ( Religious, literary, linguistic). I also translate basic legal and commercial texts from Arabic into Spanish & English.
2003: From January to May I worked as an Arabic professor in Granada and did translation of educational as well as legal texts from Arabic to Spanish.
2002: I was a substitute teacher at Cairo-Durham Middle School and High School where I had the opportunity to teach English and Spanish.
2001: I worked as an English instructor at Berlitz - Makkah where I taught English conversation to Saudis.
1993-1998: I taught English at the Kellington Institute in Granada, Spain where I also translated different types of documents from pharmaceutical, academic, legal etc from Spanish to English and vice versa.
1987-1990: I worked at the London School of English as an English instructor where I also did translations (mostly banking).
19985-1986: While studying at CW Post College (Long Island University) I tutored Spanish to American students.


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Spanish > English $0.10 per word / $35.00 USD per hour
Arabic > English $0.10 per word / $35.00 USD per hour


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