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After 20 years in the media industry, working mostly as journalist at community newspapers (writing news stories in English and Afrikaans), Louise decided to persue her love of language and strife for perfection along another alley. As a full time, freelance language and media practitioner, accredited with the South African Translators' Institute for translation from English to Afrikaans, she now delivers the following services:
translation (Eng > Afr), copy editing (Afr), proofreading (Afr, Eng), delivery of professional media releases, news articles, interviews, including photography where applicable – her end goal always being to harness all her experience and knowledge towards delivering a faultless end-product to clients.

Most recent work in Educational Publishing:
Translating, copy editing and/or proofreading of school text books (CAPS) for Maskew Millar Longman, Heinemann Publishers, Oxford University Press, Via Afrika and Lemonade Hub.
Subjects worked on include Economics Grade 12, Geography Grade 12, Consumer Studies Grade 11, History Grade 12, Life Orientation Grade 8 & 9, Natural Sciences and Technology Grade 4, 5 and 6 and Technology Grade 8 and 9.

Most recent work in Trade Publishing:
Proofreading of English non-fiction for LAPA publishers
Proofreading of Afrikaans non-fiction for Lux Verbi

Most recent corporate work:
Translation of earthmoving equipment manuals (English>Afrikaans) for a UK-based translation company

As a journalist, Louise wrote articles in English and Afrikaans on a very wide range of subjects including the following: crime, politics, human interest, business, industrial news, school news, municipal news as well as promotional copy and content for a wide array of supplements, eg Fashion and Beauty, Automotive, Industrial, Tourism, etc. She handled the proofreading and copy editing of all the advertisements for the newspaper, as well as the proofreading of the internal and external correspondence of the marketing department. She also had to write marketing copy (for emails and advertisements) for this department. This background set the stage for her career as language practitioner, honing her skills to work on an extremely diverse range of texts.


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Translating: 0.07 USD per word
Copy Editing: 0.04 USD per word
Proofreading: 0.03 USD per word


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English > Afrikaans

South African Translators' Institute

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