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English > Italian
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)

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Massimo Baldassarra
Translator/ Interpreter: English- Italian

A multi-skilled, reliable & talented translator with a proven ability to translate written documents from a source language to a target language. A quick learner who can absorb new ideas & can communicate clearly & effectively with people from all social & professional backgrounds. Well mannered, articulate & fully aware of diversity & multicultural issues. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise & at the same time remaining aware of professional roles & boundaries.
Would like to work as a translator for a successful and ambitious company that offers great opportunities for career development and progression.

WORK EXPERIENCE My recent works in interpreting at a parent-teacher conference, I had written song lyrics for a friend who happens to be a composer, translate restaurant menu from English to Italian
Certificate: English language,
Diploma in Italian languages
Certificate social work study and Disability

TRANSLATOR 2014 – Present
Working freelance for a translation agency providing a translation and interpretation service to clients where needed. Involved converting documents and articles from one language into another and ensuring that the finished converted articles relay the intended message as clearly as possible

AREAS OF EXPERTISE Proofreading, Interpreting, Terminology
• Check original text to ensure that translation is accurate
• Adapt translations to grade levels as instructed
• Verify information from original text in order to ensure appropriate interpreting
• Ensure that all written translations conform to the original text in terms of technicality and terminology


• From English into Italian and vice versa – $0.05-0.10 per source word
• Interpreting for all pairs – $25-00 per hour

“Sample of my work can be sand on request”
I am ready to perform a free test translation up to 150 words


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• From English into Italian and vice versa – $0.05-0.10 per source word
• Interpreting for all pairs – $25-00 per hour

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