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Arabic > Spanish
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Interpreting (simult.)
  - Proofreading

Arabic > English
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Proofreading

English > Spanish
  - Translating

English > Arabic
  - Translating

French > Arabic
  - Translating

French > Spanish
  - Translating

Italian > Spanish
  - Translating

Italian > Arabic
  - Translating

Spanish > Arabic
  - Translating


Freelance Translation &Interpretation,

Translations & Interpretations: Arabic-Spanish, Spanish- Arabic, French-Spanish, French- Arabic, English- Arabic, English- Spanish, in different areas (journalism, medical, diplomatic and touristic, etc...)
Transcriptions: conferences, online courses, etc...
Localization of different products, web pages, etc...

Instituto de seguridad global.LTD

- Translation of the web of the institute, its press, courses,
publications, blogs, etc ...
- Online Marketing and promotion on social networks Institute
in the Arab nation.
- Teaching Arab language, trough their online platform

Adecco Outsourcing
Translation of different papers commissioned by a large variety of clients, including contracts, brochures and web pages.

Spanish Commission for Refugee Care, (C.E.A.R. )

- Consecutively interpretations between staff of different centres
of refuges (Social worker, Psychologists, Lawyers, etc...) and
refugees and asylum applicants.
- Translation of different documents relating to requests for asylum.
- Interpret legal and psychosocial workshops for refugees, and press

Spanish Association Catholic Migration Commission (ACCEM)

- Consecutively interpretations between different assistants (ACCEM
Staff, Office of Refugee Care (O.A.R.), C.I.E. and Barajas Airport)
and refugees, asylum seekers and Arabic speaking.
- Translation of different documents related with asylum applications.

Al Sahabah Machines,

- Selecting target markets.
- Documents translation, and appropriate interpretations between
providers and company executives.
- Management purchase and sale of merchandise with the necessary
processing of both terrestrial and maritime transport.
Josef Badawi Translation center,
collaborating partner: Arabic - Spanish- English and French.
Realizing translations of personal documents, academic documents and licenses, newspaper articles, other information brochures for different products
Hospital Martini,

- Management of the centre documents.
- Coordination between direction appointments, surgery and patients.
- Contact companies in different countries in order to expand and
improve services, with the necessary translations and
Express Motor,
Responsible for Spain of the purchasing department in the German Multinational Company
- Selecting target markets.
- Management tasks import company, with the necessary
translations and interpretation.

Private Spanish and Arabic language teacher - Spanish language lessons for college students.
- Lessons for children.

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