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I am a published academic working in the field of environmental science and climate change with an excellent knowledge of Italian. I have 10 years of experience writing scientific documents and articles and am able to communicate complex scientific ideas concisely and clearly in perfect English. I have very strong links with the Italian language and culture having spoken Italian in my home environment for 5 years, communicating on a daily basis with Italian family members. I have many years of experience working alongside Italian scientists and engineeers at the University of Oxford and the European Space Agency and undestand the difficulties they face when communicating their work at the highest levels. I am a skilled writer who is able to convey the precise meaning in a persuasive and authoritative manner. The reviewer of one of my most recent research papers commented ``the number of minor/editorial comments is impressively few, since the clarity and correctness of the text are exemplary". I apply the same level of care and attention to detail to the translations of my clients delivering meticulously translated technical documents in polished scientific prose. I provide an excellent scientific translation service from Italian into English specializing in environmental science.


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I offer translations at 5 US Cents per word. If you are working to a budget get in touch as my rates are flexible to suit your particular translation and editing needs.

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