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Josephine Cassar

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English > Maltese
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I am bilingual as my mother's family are British so I grew up in a bilingual environment. I love and have a flair for languages, especially French and Italian and I taught French and English to older teenagers for many years, hence I am ideal for translation, editing and proofreading, of which I did a lot.

My main working fields include EU affairs, travel, tourism, art/literary/entertainment, marketing, travel, tourism, business/economics/ finance, education, religion, law, medicine(general). These were chosen either because of my work experience in them-tourism, business, economics, finance-interest in them, or because of courses done at university. Other fields include subtitling, general conversation, greetings, certificates, current affairs and journalism.

I am a fully-qualified teacher, graduated in EU studies with History of Art and French as an optional study unit, then had specialised French for topics such as business, politics, literature, law, medicine(included in EU directives and consumer affairs also), some legal, finance, art. I also lived in France with an aunt and went to Grenoble for courses. I have also just obtained my MA in Baroque studies.

Translation qualifications: Words Language Service course and followed MA course in translation at university but had to leave for personal reasons. The translation courses dealt with general theory and specific subject areas- literary, letters, conversation, law, commerce, finance, economics, tourism, technical texts, how to deal with each different subject area, adapt style and how to research properly. I have also got certificates for courses I attended-100% mark in business/economics/finance work after course(can be shown). I am on page 1 of TRADUguide and first in IT>EN (UK variant).

Courses: Medicine-general, clinical trials; Travel and Tourism, Law. I have certificates for them. I am furthering my knowledge of Medicine and clinical Trials on Coursera too.
EU Law course had a great chunk of legal terms, procedures, separation, immigration, competition, commercial, citizenship, maritime, intellectual property rights, environmental, consumer law, justice, human rights, the workings of the ECJ, ECHR, civil litigation, criminal investigation, economics, business, politics. Arts course included conservation, restoration, painting on different surfaces, properties and mixing of oil, preparation of surfaces, printing, music, especially Baroque instruments and music of the time.

Translation jobs: I have done a lot of subtitle translation and IT(EN>MT). I work with translation companies which ask me to proofread and rate texts set as tests for new translators who are going to be recruited. Biggest translation works were a 195 page book, then a 240 A4-page book, Art/Crafts/Painting/Literary texts (IT>EN)- texts about works of art, which were damaged or whose provenance needed to be established, works which were examined under UV light to see if signature was fake or not for example or if a certain mark had been a result of restoration- these all had technical terms; contracts and patents; users' manuals, computer contracts(technical), certificates, menus, tourism websites-Mont St. Michel, Polynesia (for board sports) and Courmayeur. I also proofread Masters theses (English- Religion) and a Diploma dissertation (English- nursing). I can also provide references, especially with regards to IT/EN translations as I did most translations in this language pair, and EN>MT.

I draw on my work experience to provide the exact terms and university courses to translate. I am organised, competent and I consider the audience when translating so it is important to continue to develop. I provide accurate, quality work, submitted on time.


   Pricing / Other services


Translation-€0.08 to €0.1 maximum, depending on volume, text, urgency, typos.
Proofreading- €0.035 unless outsourcer asks for text to be re-done when charges will be like for translation.
Editing- €0.05-€0.08. Range depends on whether text needs to be re-done and I prefer to see it before, otherwise, I will contact outsourcer to say if text needs to be re-done. Translation rates will then apply.
Per hour- €28 minimum and €33 maximum.
Please ask as there may be additional charges or discounts- volume, urgency, weekend work, an outsourcer who uses my services repeatedly

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