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I am a native American English speaker, born and raised on the west coast of the United States. I began studying Italian independently when I was 12 years old, continued learning formally in college, including a semester studying in Perugia, Italy. I earned a BA in Italian in 1994 (from San Francisco State University), and have continued independent studies ever since, using Italian in some capacity every day.

I enjoy broadening my knowledge of important Italian literature through classes at the Istituto Italiano Scuola as well as improving my listening comprehension through videos from many popular YouTube Italia personalities.

I have been working as an RN here in California for over 20 years. This experience gives me a broad and practical knowledge of current medical and hospital terminology and practices.

I have also been a registered yoga teacher for over 10 years, and am very familiar with the terminology in that popular activity.

It would be a pleasure to assist you in any way with translations from Italian to English.


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