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Through CAVVU,

Our Vision:
is fly high together in the sky of languages, to make the easiest road for crossing between languages.
Our aim:
is coping with modernity, creating flexibility and changing the used up approach towards translation.
Our service:
few steps towards accomplishing your needs..

About Us:
We are the New Approach Corporation for translation, a Jordanian translation house certified and licensed by Jordanian Publication Dept. for working in all fields of translation.

Trade Mark (TM):
CAVVU Trade Mark is a registered trade mark by law under the name “the New Approach Corporation for translation", category (41) No.: (134898).

CAVVU Staff:
CAVVU has an integrated team with high expertise and capabilities working under the umbrella of CAVVU for rendering service to you in translation fields. CAVVU Staff includes the following:
- Translation Section: composed of a team of translators of long experience and having university degrees in the field of translation.
- Revision & Proofreading: this section includes a team of proofreaders having high capabilities and excellent experiences.
- Text Editing: this section includes a team of text editors who render such text in the required format.
- Quality Control: This section includes a team for reviewing Requests in their final form and approving them before delivery.
- Sales & Accounts Management.


   Pricing / Other services


Pricing Policy:
- To CAVVU, one page contains (250) words.
- Translation is calculated based on the number of words of the original matter, provided that the file of such original matter contains a number of words that are readable by computer and electronically in CAVV system.
- If the number of the words of the original matter is not readable by computer and electronically, the price of translation will be calculated based on the number of the words of the translated text.
- The price of one page (250 words) is ($13) nine USD and is applicable to all fields except Translation for all certificates types, charges 13$ for each certificate containing 250 words or less.
- CAVVU system performs calculation of the price based on the number of words such that the price of one word is ($0.052) USD, which provides flexibility in submission of translation orders and Pricing.

- When using CAVVU Electronic System (Translate Page) and requesting a translation of a text of one word up to 100 words, the minimum price (5.2) USD will be applied.

CAVVU provides you with free translation service through Free Translation Section provided that the text does not exceed 100 words.

Free-Points System:
This system allows its users to obtain free points when ordering translation of a file. This entitles the user to get translation service for free in translation Orders submitted later.

Free-Points Policy:
- When submitting a translation order, a user will get one free point for each 40 words, which will be added to his balance.
- Each free point equals one word.

On obtaining the sufficient balance of free points, a user can submit a new translation order for free by making use of such free points.

We have the ability to work for accomplishing translation services in all areas outlined and projects whatever their size is whether they are small, medium or large.
For small and medium projects, we can translate more than 10,000 words per day; for large projects, agreement between us and customers is needed.

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