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  - Translating
  - Proofreading

Current job

Job Title: Managing Editor, Egypt Today Arabic version & PC World Egypt Magazines

Employer: IBA Media
From: May/2001

Main Duties & Responsibilities of Senior Editor
• Plans the overall mix of stories and concepts of each issue
• Decides who will write and edit articles
• Works with Photo Editor to decide how to illustrate articles
• Works with the Online Editor to develop online concepts from print content
• Second edits articles
• Prepares the map
• Supervises the design process
• Continually collaborates with Sales & Marketing to ensure everyone is aware of upcoming content
• Leads editorial meetings
• Review the performance of each direct report annually
• Communicates with the Administration Department regarding time sheets, leaves of absence, performance reviews, and other administrative policies
• Manage publication’s annual budget

Previous employment

* Job Title: Editorial and Communications Specialist
Employer: Chemonics International/USAID
From: October 2000 To: April,2001

Main Duties & Responsibilities
• Writing and helping in designing a monthly Newsletter in Arabic.
• Reviewing publications.
• Translating news articles.
• Providing information and materials for the project website•
• Managing events and conferences.
• Public awareness component liaison, working with the technical team and graphic designers to oversee the production of briefing packages.

* Job Title: Senior Legal Translator and Court Administration Specialist
Employer: Amideast/USAID
From: October 1998 To: September 2000

Main Duties & Responsibilities
• Translation of written documents and interpreting in project meetings.
• Translation materials varied from correspondences, news articles and quarterly plans to confidential court judgments.
• As member of the court administration team in the project, job responsibilities also involved meeting judges and court employees, introducing to them the idea of change, urging and leading them to implementation.

* Job Title: News reader
Employer: Nile Sat News channel
From: April, 1999 To: October 1999

Main Duties & Responsibilities
Preparing and reading Arabic news on air.

* Job Title: Bureau Chief Translator, and News Researcher
Employer: Japanese News Agency-Kyodo News
From: July 1997 To: September 1998

Main Duties & Responsibilities
• Monitoring and Translating Arab press into English.
• Covering news conferences and event, among which were the 36th IAA world congress 10-13 May 1998 and the Arab Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Justice conference in April 1998, besides the Luxor terrorist attack in November 1998.

Part Time jobs:
• Translator, Baker And Mackenzie office in Egypt Legal, business and commercial translations.

• Translator/Writer, Gulf News Agency: Writing articles, reports and poems. Job responsibilities sometimes included translating Arab press and producing cultural reports in Arabic. Magazines with published materials are Palestine voice and Financial world.
• Writer and translator, Akhbar Al Addab paper Free-lancer writer and translator to the Egyptian Akhbar Al Addab (literature news) paper, mainly Scientific and literary translation.
• Freelance translation to many local and International organizations.

Total Years of experience: 10 years y
Job field: Translation, Publishing, Journalism.


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Translation Rates: EUR 85/1000 words
Arabic Proofreading Rates: EUR 20/1000 words


   Certification / Accreditation


English > Arabic

Arab Translators Association Certification can be verified on: My name is number 10109

English > Arabic

Faculty of Alsun, Ain Shams University. Certificate copy available upon request

Arabic > English

Faculty of Alsun, Ain Shams University

Arabic > English

Arab Translaotrs Association

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