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2001 Certificate Quality Management Systems Internal Auditor, SQMC/IRCA 180 (Brussels).

1993-1995 Diploma Computer Information Systems, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology (Ottawa, Canada).

1984-1985 MBA Political Science, School of International Relations (Lima, Peru).

1983-1984 Microcomputers Programming I and II, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology (Ottawa, Canada).

1979-1980 Certificate Geopolitics of the Pacific Basin: International Relations, Trade and Commerce, International Affairs Centre (Santiago, Chile).

1973-1975 BA International Relations, School of International Relations (Lima, Peru).


2002 — to date Freelance localization services (English/French to Spanish) for Languages Unlimited, USA (Gsm technology), Write On Target, Belgium (SAP project). Windows 2000 and XP Professional.

1999-2001 Unisys Belgium. (Global Industries) and International Engineering Centre (IEC - Brussels) Support and advice on the correct application of services/products/technology solution or techniques. Software localisation and testing, as well as technical
writing (user/administrator manuals). Windows 98, NT and 2000.

1997-1999 Eastman Software, Inc. (Global Localization Group - Boston) In-house localiser of imaging products (COLD, Workflow for Exchange-WFX, Document Management for Exchange-DMX and Imaging Pro). Responsible for developing, writing, and editing on-line help screens, documents, software codes, and dialog boxes. Standardising documentation and performing product QA on Windows 95 and NT 4.0.

1997 Corel Corporation. (Marketing and Advertising - Ottawa) In-house translator of on-line and paper-based documents. Responsible for editing and standardising technical and marketing documentation. Worked closely with sales and post-sales, as well as international media relations. Windows 95.

1996-1998 Association for the Export of Canadian Books. Freelance translator (English/French) of bibliographies, book summaries and profiles of the Canadian publishing industry for Canada´s Stand at the International Book Fair, Guadalajara, Mexico, November, 1996-1997 (Ottawa).

1996 Dataquest Corporation. (Global Events - Ottawa) Freelance translator of an IT seminar in Mexico of networking and e-commerce, as well as forecast analysis of PC technology trends.

1995-1996 COCITAE/SICOFAA Conference (Inter-American Air Forces Joint Command). Ottawa (1996) and Victoria, BC. (1995). Translator of technical documents on radar, satellite, and GIS/GPS technologies, as well as search and rescue operations.

1989-1997 Public Works and Government Services Canada. Level A Spanish freelance translator of English/French in the fields of technology, business and management, education and social development, as well as customs and revenue. Windows 3.11 (Ottawa).

1993 Newbridge Networks Corporation. (Marketing Communication - Kanata) In-house translator of datasheets, as well as marketing material and technical documents based on the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) terminology. Macintosh System 7.

1992-1993 Systemhouse Limited. (SHL-MCI Marketing Communication - Ottawa) In-house translator of a financial transactions system using optical technology for the Argentinean government. Windows 3.1.

1992-1997 Freelance services. English and French for: MATRA GS, Universal Communications, TGM Translations, Robert Hopps & Associates and Living Languages (Canada), as well as Global Reach & Associates, Harvard Translations, and Techno-Graphics, Inc. (USA).

1992-1994 Canadian Forces Language School. Freelance DTP production of several Spanish language modules for adult training and voice-over scripts (Ottawa).

1990-1990 UNESCO Conference. Freelance translation of documents on heritage building and sites conservation (Ottawa).

1989-1991 AIT Corporation. Technical translations (Ottawa).

1989-1991 Ministry of External Affairs and International Trade. Translations (Ottawa).


1996 School of Translation and Interpretation (University of Ottawa). Lecture: The Business of Freelancing.

1996 School of Translation and Interpretation (University of Ottawa). Reviewed a BA thesis (English/Spanish) on networking.

1992 Canada and Free Trade in the Americas, organized by the Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Member of the Canadian Specialists of Latin America and the Caribbean Directory Panel (Ottawa).

1991 Canadian Business Executives Panel participant, which was held during the Business Opportunities in Latin American and the Caribbean Seminar, organized by the Canadian Council for the Americas (Ottawa).

1992-1993 Publication of Focus: SOUTH, a Canadian business view monthly magazine on Latin America (Ottawa).


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