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I started doing the first translation jobs in 1997, during the years spent at University, and, since the 1st of August 2000 I am a Professional freelance translator with Middle East News Agency. I do translation works for direct customers, firms, and other freelance translators and translations agencies based both in Egypt and in foreign countries. I translate from English (firs language) and Spanish (second language) into Arabic, my mother tongue. On average my daily output is of 1.500 words, depending on the difficulty of the text, on my knowledge of the subject, etc.

Here is a sample of my translation experience, divided by subject:
(If you are interested in a more detailed "Working Experiences" section, please contact me. This short version is for first-time e-mail presentation)

Rehabilitation / Medicine
* Cooperation, since January 2001, as official translator with the "Cleveland Clinic International Hospital Branch in Cairo" (Study Group of Scoliosis and Spinal Pathologies) (GSS) & medical reports.
* Implantation of artificial blood vessels (stent)
* Cooperation with the scientific department of the "Dar Al Fouad Health Care Foundation” in Cairo
* Leaflet, created by the European Commission, about CHARGE and Usher syndromes
* Medical reports and consents from Saint John De Due hospital in Spain.
* All Cleveland clinics orthopedic department reports.

* The bible simplified book for Catholic pupils in Syria
* Special Education system of Well Clare – Hravard University to be taught in King Fahd University.
* 5 Brochures for the British International School in Giza –Egypt
* Graduation certificates for many students (Medicine & Law faculties)
* Co-operated in designing the curriculum of English subject in Prep schools in K.S.A

Contracts / Patents
* Yamaha Motors Europe - Belgarde
* Machinery supply for a butchery plant
* Patent (adhesive resin)
*Meshiel soft company in Pakistan
*all contracts of Nader law advocacy agency in Jeddah & London

* Smokers, smoke, nicotine replacement therapies
* Intellectual property, trade marks and patents registration (Fieldworks)
* Nokia 6510 (Simpson Carpenter Ltd)
* Bausch & Lomb (Simpson Carpenter Ltd)
* Oracle (business applications)
*How to deal with colon Cancer (American medicine Association)
*Parenting and childhood behaviors (American Lutherean foundation in USA)

Web Sites
* Libyan soccer player Jehad Muntasser
* Dr. Roy Martina
* Ge (General Electric) Supplier Marketplace (GESMP)
* United Nations affiliates in Egypt

Instruction booklets / manuals
* MELCO™ tapes
* Dash clothes detergents
* Ecolab Freezer Cleaner
* Courseware of the US Navy for total force training
* Remote Controlled Lighting Ltd
* Static Control Components
*Security system in Singapore ministry of interior
*Breast feeding (Guidelines booklet from ministry of Health- Scotland)

Various Subjects
* Birth certificate (Registry Division of Boston)
* Passports
* Bombardier Inc
* Marriage and death certificates
* Fact sheet about sexual assault for women
* Price lists, estimates, faxes, e-mail messages, offers and business correspondence
* SIDAW agreement about women assault in Egypt
* Security program designed for use in building yards
* Joint commission booklet guidelines for Cleveland Clinic branch in Cairo
* Chemical and microbiological analyses/reports regarding bakery foodstuffs
* "Scottish Dance Theatre"
* Spanish medieval literature
*Refugees association asylum in USA

Military and Armed Forces:
* Website of the Armored Group, Inc. – Arizona
* Reconstruction Contracts ion Iraq (Ministry of Interior) – Replacing the cars’ signs
Ala Carte company –USA


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