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Over 20 years of professional technical, business and general translation.

13 years as a full time translator.

Please, find below some of the fields I have covered together with a mention to some of their related projects:

 IT TECHNOLOGY - IBM applications. Over 80.000 words translated by means of IBM’s proprietary translation tool Translation Manager. Numerous IT manuals and help files for an array of applications.
 AUTOMOTIVE - Texts for the computerised diagnosis system of Hyundai cars. Over 600,000 words. This comprised a specific inhouse training course previous to my collaboration with Hyundai Spain.
 AUTOMOTIVE - A variety of documents for Bridgestone-Bandag franchise network of rethreading dealers. Regular collaboration for around 8 years.
 NAUTICAL ENGINEERING - User manuals and help files of a highly specialised CAD application for the engineering and design of vessel hulls (FORAN SYSTEM). Over 500,000 words. This long term project actually involved both, English into Spanish and Spanish into English jobs, as well as a large amount of revision of English documents written by the engineers in the company.
 INDUSTRIAL ENGINNERING - Piab vacuum transport systems. A variety of documents and specifications.
 TRANSPORT ENGINEERING - Operation, Maintenance and Training Manuals for the AIRBUS A380 Horizontal Tail Plane special transport tool. The A380 is the largest pasengers plane in the world and it was a top project for Airbus Europe. I feel proud I have been part of such a relevant project.
 BUSINESS LEGAL - Business contracts and insurance policies of various types. Franchising, management services, distribution, technical service. (for Bridgestone-Bandag, Convention on Migratory Species, ECRU, etc.)

 ANIMAL HUSBANDRY - Study on the possibilities and convenience of the reincorporation of processed animal proteins (PAP's) for animal feed in terrestrial and useful technical species within the European Union (EU - 27)
 ENVIRONMENT - A large number of reports and a variety of documents for the CMS, the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals, also known as the Bonn Convention.
 MEDICAL DERMATHOLOGY - Biography of Doctor Eugenio de Olavide, and the forewords for his ATLAS DE LA CLÍNICA ICONOGRÁFICA DE ENFERMEDADES DE LA PIEL O DERMATOSIS. I have also translated into English several medical articles on dermatology issues. Amongst them: SCOPE AND APPLICATIONS IN TRICHOLOGY OF ANALYTICAL ELECTRONIC MICROSCOPY by Doctor Joaquín Calap, senior professor at Cadiz University. I have also revised some medical articles for Doctor Calap to be published in Skin Med, a dermatology magazine in Philadelphia, US.
 CIVIL AND TRANSPORT ENGINEERING - Civil works specifications and construction of a roll-on, roll-off ramp specially built for the transport of finished the horizontal tail plane stabilizer of the A380. The A380 is the largest pasengers plane in the world and it was a top project for Airbus Europe. I feel proud I have been part of such a relevant project.
 SOUND EQUIPMENT - Art Sound catalogues for sound systems; professional and final user

If you google my full name, you will see many of the book titles I have translated. They go from Japanese cookingto baby care. But you will also find titles that cover wine tasting, personal development, art or even sex. Please, do not hesitate to visit my profile at for any further details or contact me directly at Skype (fernando.davin).

 Sexo oral para volverla loca.
 1001 canciones que hay que oír antes de morir.
 Guía para papás de los cuidados del bebé.
 Plantas de jardín A-Z
 1001 vinos que hay que probar antes de morir.
 1001 lugares que hay que visitar antes de morir.
 Several books on HR and Personal Development issues, as follows:
 Gloria E. Bader and Audrey E. Bloom (Make Your Training Results Last) “Cómo Lograr que los Resultados en Formación Perduren. Guía Práctica para Completar con Éxito la Formación” 105 pages
 HRD Press (Fast Feedback) “La Información de Retorno Inmediata” 100 pages
 Mike Pedler (Management Self-Development) “Guía para el Autodesarrollo de Ejecutivos” 265 pages.
 Scott B. Parry, Ph. D. (The Executive Mirror) “El Perfil del Ejecutivo” Two volumes of approx. 300 pages each
 La Tapas de Comerç 24. A beautiful book on modern cuisine delicacies offered by Carles Abellán, one of the disciples of the worldwide known cook Ferrán Adriá.
 Los desayunos de Madrid.

Although it is true that my experience as an interpreter is not at the same level as my experience as a translator, I can actually interpret either way English into Spanish or Spanish into English and I have done it in numerous occasions with excellent feedback in every case.
To be more specific, I have completed the following jobs:
I have recently acted as a simultaneous interpreter for a morning conference in San Lucar de Barramenda. The subject of the conference was carrots, growing, storage and export. There were four half-hour talks on the subject and I interpreted all of them both ways, English into Spanish and Spanish into English. You may contact Aída Cordeiro, from Traductores Españoles ( if you need some reference about this job.
Furthermore, for over two years and until May 2013 I worked for Forhairprod, a beauty and hair care products import and distribution company as a translator and interpreter. Amongst other responsibilities, I had to perform consecutive interpreting during the frequent video calls that we had with our supplier. Such video calls covered all sides of the business, i.e. conditions negotiations, new product descriptions, customer care, import procedures, etc. Apart from such video calls, we had in person meetings twice a year during which there were presentations of new products, sale representatives training and other business meetings. Of course, I had to accompany our supplier’s representatives at all meetings and meals, and also help them out with any personal contingencies. During this period, I was also the only interpreter for the events at several hotels in different locations in Spain, for the presentation of new products and hair fashion trends in front of a numerous audience.
Before my job at Forhairprod, I took part in several wine presentation events in Jerez area. I was also the consecutive interpreter for several conferences on local programmes for the promotions of tourism. Such events were organized by Chiclana de la Frontera's Town Council.

• 1981 – 1997: Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. Teacher of English for Special Purposes in numerous companies around Madrid, both as an in-house and freelance teacher.

• 1991 – 1996: Person in charge of in-company classes at SKF Española. My responsibilities included identification of needs, planning of courses and selection, supervision and coordination of several English speaking native teachers.

• 1994 – 1995: Designing and running several immersion business English courses for up to ten students in various hotels around Madrid. Responsible for the selection, supervision and co-ordination of English speaking native teachers.

• During the last three years I have given several courses on English for aeronautic engineering organized by FAFFE.

• From February 2011 until May 2013 I worked as an interpreter and translator for an Import and Distribution company (Forhairprod S.L.) that imports ECRU hair care products from USA. My responsibilities included correspondence with our supplier as well as interpreting at regular video calls. I also acted as a consecutive interpreter during the presentation events that we organized with American staff from our supplier headquarters. Apart from translating all the literature regarding the imported products, I was also responsible for the logistic and import procedures as well as for the stock control, invoicing and distribution. In fact, I was nearly a one-man-band and dealt with not only the purely administrative side of it but also with procurement, red tape procedures, customer care, representative’s support and anything else that has to be done in a small business.

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