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My name is Vladimir Trkovnik.

I am reliable, highly experienced (16 years) and native Croatian speaking freelance translator, self-employed at company PRESERVED TIME Ltd, Croatia, with academic degree Master of economics, field international business and commerce.

I have 20 years of practical business experience working on middle and top management positions in international business oriented companies of which 16 years in IT industry in company Eurotrade - certified Croatian distributer for Epson, HP, Xerox, Toshiba, Konica-Minolta and exclusive distributer for Fabriano Italy and Uni-ball Japan.

During my career, besides freelance translation, I have also accumulated rich intensive in-house English-Croatian-English translation experience engaged mainly on business contracts, financial statements and reports, business presentations, web page content, product catalogues and other marketing related content as well as significant experience in business correspondence with English, German and Italian speaking clients and suppliers.

Thanks to my experience working as EU-funded Project Manager and Coordinator, I am also very familiar with EU policies, strategic documents and fields, especially EU tender documentation.

I have two Cambridge English language certificates:

On 1987, I graduated from Joliet West High School, Illinois, USA.

Some of many clients I work with:

- ArcelorMittal, Croatian subsidiary - the leading steel producer
- Plastsistem, Romania - one of the leading producers and distributers
of thermal insulating wall and roof steel panels
- Public Open University Zagreb, Croatia
- EBCL International Center Wien, Austria,
- Clip s.r.o, Czech Republic
- Global Voices, UK
- Studio Micali Translation Services, Italy
- Diwan Arabia Language & Translation Services, Egypt
- Overseas DTP, India
- Le Reve Translation, Malaysia
- and many others

Links to my major web portal profiles:

Language pairs:

English-Croatian, Croatian-English, Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic)-English, Bosnian-English, Italian - English, German - English, Italian-Croatian and German-Croatian.

Translation fields:
-business contracts,
-various corporate documents,
-catalogues, web pages, marketing brochures, general marketing, letters of intent, various marketing presentations
-financial reports, balance sheet and other financial statements, capital budgeting, corporate financing, public finances, taxes, macroeonomic policies, business presentations, various project presentations, case and investment studies, stock exchange reports, as well as other business, accounting and finance related documents,
-work safety, safety protocols and standards, workplace hazard assesments, various testing reports etc.
-tourism & travel,
-steel industry, steel structures, thermal insulating steel sheet roof and wall panels,
-dry construction works (suspended ceilings, partition walls, raised floors etc), light metal structures, concrete structures
-ecology, sustainable growth, renewable energy resources, environmental issues, sustainable production, sustainable agriculture
-EU policies, EU-funded projects, EU tender documentation and other EU related topics (practical experience as EU Project Manager)
-food processing industry, food product labels,
-IT industry (printers and printer consumables),
- paper industry,
- sports, sports equipment and clothing, hobby and leisure time
- exclusive packaging for gifts, cakes, flowers, plants, luxury decorative wrapping paper, scented wrapping papers, speciallly designed papers (frozen-effect, cracked ice-effect) and decorations for Christmas, Easter and other holidays
and others


I am especially proud of the most important and voluminous translation project from my portfolio:
PROJECT NAME: Translation and localization from English to Croatian of textbooks and workbooks - curriculum of the internationally verified educational program European Business Competence Licence (EBCL) for the clients Public Open University Zagreb, Croatia and EBCL International Centre, Wien, Austria,
FIELDS: financial account., financial statements, business indicators, costing and cost accounting, business law, business planning, sales, marketing, financial planning, capital budgeting, corporate finance, investment analysis, business management and analysis.

For further overview of the projects from my rich portfolio, skills, experiences, references and recommendations, please check the above given links to my profiles.

Besides living in USA, I have lived in Italy for one year.

For 7 years I have worked as product and brand manager for brand Fabriano Italy - office, drawing and artistic papers and for two years for brand Epson having worked with
Epson subsidiary in Italy - responsible for handling european operations of this Japanese computer brand.
Thanks to these working experiences I have obtained profound knowledge of business Italian.

For several occasions, I have stayed and lived in Italy for a few months having worked either as seasonal worker, or having lived in Itallian family.
Both experiences can be held responsible for a very good knowledge of colloquial, everyday Italian language.

Finally, I am also very skilled in German-Croatian business documents related translations.

Highly developed organizational, office administration and computer skills, good time management, strong sensibility for customers needs and demands, flexibility in customer relationships management, 100% client satisfaction oriented professional.
Ready to start working under a short notice respecting tight deadlines.

I rate myself as a passionate language freek and a very hard working professional with quality, reliability, punctuality and on time delivery oriented approach.


   Pricing / Other services


0.05 USD per source word for the following language combinations:

English-Croatian, Croatian-English, Serbian (both Latin and Cyrillic)-English, Bosnian-English, Italian - English, German - English, Italian-Croatian and German-Croatian.

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