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Emma K Johnson

Translator; Linguist; Swedish - English - Italian


United Kingdom

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I am a University of Glasgow graduate and part-time translator/subtitler at TED Conferences.
I have studied English Language and Italian with the aim of pursuing a career in translation. During my time at university I have regularly worked on literary and journalistic translations between the language pairs English to Italian, Italian to English, as well as Old Icelandic and Old English into Present Day English, generally receiving good feedback and top marks. I am fluent in English, but as my mother tongue is Swedish I also excel at translating from and into this language.

Additionally, I have some professional experience in translation through a student mentor programme at the Glasgow based company Kala Translations. This provided first hand experience of translating professional documentation such as certificates from Italian and Swedish into English. The feedback I received through this programme was very positive in terms of my accuracy of translation, adherence to deadlines and overall quality of work. I am also volunteering as a subtitler for TED Conferences, where I translate talks on various subjects; from business to space travel.

As a translator and linguist I pay a lot of attention to detail and the subtleties of language; I am confident I can make a positive contribution to your business.

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