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Croatian > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading
  - Voiceover
  - Copywriting

Italian > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading
  - Voiceover
  - Copywriting

Serbian > English
  - Translating
  - Proofreading
  - Voiceover
  - Copywriting

A native English speaker, I have nearly 20 years experience as a professional translator, writer, editor-proofreader, print and radio journalist, and radio and TV producer. My specialties include geopolitics, film & television, literature (poetry and prose), arts & culture, renewable energy and scientific papers.

As a film journalist, I've worked for the foremost international industry publications -- Senior Editor, Cineuropa; Italy critic, The Hollywood Reporter; Italy correspondent, Screen International -- and have translated numerous screenplays, subtitles and treatments for leading Italian producers and directors. (Names and references available upon request.)

Currently, I am a Contributing Editor-Translator for the geopolitical bimonthly East and am working with the estate of Vincenzo Cerami on translations of his first works to be published in English and in the US.

I've also translated diverse texts on culture, health, travel and cuisine for Italian and Croatian Internet sites, cultural centers and travel agencies.

My experience as a reporter and editor guarantees that I can produce fast, accurate, high-quality work under tight (daily or even hourly) deadlines. I also offer meticulous editing, proof-reading and fact-checking services in both US and UK English.

Last, but not least, I've provided voice-overs in film and television, and as a radio interviewer/host am comfortable behind any microphone, even performing improvisational work.


   Pricing / Other services


I offer competitive rates based either on various pricing systems - i.e. per cartella, line or word, depending on the provenance of the client.

Rates vary in accordance with the level of difficulty and deadline of any given translation, and I always strive to meet clients' means and needs.

I also guarantee speed, accuracy and the highest level of translating and editorial output.

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