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Dorina Musceleanu


Dorina Musceleanu
Q.  How did you come to the translation business?

A.  Everything started in high-school, when I chose to translate into Romanian a poem (with a premonitory title:-) ): "Effort at Speech between Two People", by Muriel Rukeyser, for my school magazine.

Q.  What was the most critical or challenging situation as a translator and how did you manage it?

a) January April 2002, when I had to translate into Romanian approximately 150,000 words for the website;
b) of course, "with a little help from my friends" - the members of Translation Expert Agency�in Bucharest, who supported, advised and helped me finish this really challenging job.

Q.  What was the funniest event in your career as a translator?

A.  Although I had been certified in translation by the Romanian Ministry of Education, I found out I did not have the right to translate legal documents without being certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. At one point, I needed my documents translated, so that I had to acquire the second certification as well.

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