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Taking care of your words - 20 Years Experience

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Marketing / Financial
Law / Certificates
Arts / Entertainment



Microsoft Office



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Company profile

English > Slovene
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Interpreting (simult.)
  - Proofreading

German > Slovene
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Interpreting (simult.)
  - Proofreading
  - Voiceover

Slovene > German
  - Translating
  - Interpreting (cons.)
  - Interpreting (simult.)

More than 20 years of experience with translation and interpretation from German and English language to Slovene language and from Slovene language to German language.
I also speak Croatian, and have basic knowledge of Italian language. For me translation is not only writing or speaking in another language, but it is a very creative process. The words are never the same, they change, grow, they are "alive". And this is always my goal: to make a “living” translation for my clients.

Business correspondence, reports, contracts, legal texts, websites, sports (sporting events, product catalogues), technical (maintenance instructions, description and catalogues of production, technical reports, servicing manuals, presentations of technical production), finance (financial reports), education, marketing, economics (promotional material, managerial documents, magazine articles, presentations, catalogues, user’s guides, product descriptions), tourism, food, cosmetics, wines, fashion, HR, transport.

Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, liaison interpretation of international meetings, press conferences, congresses, parliamentarian dialogues, interpreting of video-conferences, companies meetings, symposiums, business trips, seminars.
Interpretation of topics such as: economy, commerce, work of Registry Office officials, social services in Europe, food industry, furniture, migrations, wholesale of drinks, mountain areas and protected trademarks of this areas, social companies, forestry, biomass centres, protection of water resources, architecture of gardens in 18. Century, network-marketing, wines, energy, entrepreneurship, agriculture, Human – Resources, cross-border projects and more.

Pricing / Other services

0,05 Eur - 0,08 Eur per word


business, finance, machine-building, tourism, law, technical instructions, contracts...

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